How to draw Tanjiro Kamado Step by Step

You could follow the step-by-step drawing tutorial below.

Step: 1 . Draw an outline of a circle.

This is the first step in how to draw this tanjiro sketch. Are you aware of a different word to refer to Sanjuro is? That used to be Tanjiro Kamado. It’s an imaginary character and is the main protagonist in Koyoharu Gotouge’s Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga.

We’ll return to the first section, where we need to draw a huge rough circle that represents the design of the character, as you can see in the picture above.

Step 2: Draw the line of intersection

Now, we are at the next step in drawing this Tanjiro drawing In this step, you will need to draw some guidelines. First, create a line vertically across the middle of the circle. Then cut the circumference on both sides. After drawing this vertical line you need to create a horizontal line a few centimeters higher than in the middle of the circle.

The distance you choose to leave for this line will be from the center creating a horizontal line that is below that center point of your circle, leaving the same distance that you did on the line horizontal previously. Draw two vertical lines joining the two horizontal lines on either side of the vertical line for each circle’s half as shown in the illustration above.

Step: 3 Draw eyes

The third step is to draw a sketch of your character. In this step, you’ll draw the eyes, eyebrows, and eyebrows (Tanjiro drawing). The first step is to draw the exterior design of both eyes. Then, on both of the eyes, draw a circle creates a larger circular shape followed by an arc in the middle and finally smaller circles.

Then, you need to draw a shade on the center of the circle in the middle and the smaller circle, as shown in the image above attached for this stage. After drawing the eyes, you should follow the contour of the eyebrows, as you can see above. The eyebrows of this face are bizarre and create a strange appearance, but they are easy to draw.

Step 4 Draw Tanjiro’s nose and Mouth

This is the fourth step in how to sketch the Tanjiro Drawing. Now that you’ve drawn the eyebrows and eyes during this stage, it is time to draw the mouth teeth, the face, and the teeth that the persona. The first step is to draw the outline of his lips. His lips look similar to the number 3, they are that are stretched out from the ends. they are set in a horizontal position.

When you draw the character’s teeth and lips, you’ll be able to observe that his teeth aren’t separated like ours since the character is only a person. When drawing the teeth, you need to draw as if you are drawing years through his eyes as shown in the above image, and solicit help from them.

Step 5: Draw Tanjiro’s hair

The final fifth step and the second one is to draw the drawing. In this stage, you need to sketch the character’s hair as well as the wrinkles that appear in his facial features. All you need to do is draw the form of the ear on either side of the person and after that, you must draw the grass as the hairs of this person when you have finished the hairs. You then have to draw the folds and wrinkles on the face of the character. Use the images included in this step and draw the wrinkles.

Step: 6 Tanjiro Drawings Made

The sixth step is to draw the drawing. In this step, you need to sketch the drawing using the black sketch pen. you must sketch the jacket or other item you are wearing and paint it. Shadow after layering you will have to shade. The hair can be dyed it, ‘s your choice. This drawing is ready to be displayed. I hope you have fun making this drawing.

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