How to Draw Takoyaki Step by Step

How to Draw Takoyaki Step by Step - AnimeOutline

This tutorial will show you how to draw Takoyaki using nine steps. These examples are intended to be used for manga and anime, but they can also be used for other styles.

Takoyaki drawing step by step

Takoyaki is an anime food. You can find it in many scenes, from festivals and events to characters just looking for a quick bite. They are usually fried balls filled and covered in octopus. Then they are topped with bonito flakes and a mixed sauce.

Although drawing Takoyaki may look easy, it is not as easy as it seems. Don’t let this discourage you. This tutorial will provide a detailed visual breakdown and explain the drawing process.

If you are not comfortable drawing digitally, you can start the tutorial with a pencil. You will need to draw light lines and erase any parts in certain steps.

Step 1: Draw the Takoyaki container

Takoyaki container drawing

Draw the container that the Takoyaki will be using. It will be a small cardboard container that is shaped so that its sides face upwards towards the top (sorta like an upside-down pyramid).

The drawing will be done in both a 3/4 and two-point perspective. Perspective is the property of objects becoming smaller as they move further away from their viewers. This means that the container drawn will become narrower as it moves towards those sides.

You can view the following video to see a more detailed explanation of perspective drawing:

Tutorial for Beginning Artists and How It Relates To Anime

Also, draw the container so that it appears transparent.


Step 2: Outline the Takoyaki Balls

Takoyaki balls drawing

Six Takoyaki balls will be produced in total. You can draw them slightly unevenly (not in perfect circles), to make them look natural.

You should also make sure they are the right size and placed so they will fit into the container. You can always erase the part that isn’t working and redraw it.

Takoyaki balls drawing step by step

The example below shows a step-by-step breakdown of how to place the item.

Step 3 – Clean Up the Drawing

Takoyaki outline drawing

Once you are done drawing the Takoyaki balls, remove any parts that are covered by the sides of the containers. Once you are done, you should have a clean line drawing that is similar to the one above.

Step 4 – Draw your sauce

Takoyaki sauce drawing

As shown in the illustration, cover the Takoyaki balls’ tops and run the sauce down the sides.

Takoyaki sauce drawing details

Remember that sauce can have some volume. You will need to outline the sauce’s sides and add some padding (as shown in the illustration). After removing the sauce from the ball’s outline, you can then erase it  How to Draw Anime Socks, Stockings & Tights

Step 5 – Draw your Flakes

Takoyaki flakes drawing

The flakes are sprinkled over the Takoyaki. These can be viewed as small paper rectangles that are bent and twisted to make them easier to draw.

Spread them randomly on Takoyaki, but use a similar amount for each to create a balanced drawing.

Step 6 – Add the Sticks and Finish the Line Drawing

Takoyaki line drawing

To eat the balls, stick some small sticks into them (similar to toothpicks).

After that, check the drawing and then trace your lines to darken them.


Step 7 – Color Takoyaki

Takoyaki coloring

The sauce should be dark brown and the balls should be a mixture of yellow, orange, and brown.

You can color them so that the sauce/balls appear lighter on the left than on the right. To show they are wooden, you can also color them a light yellow/brown.

Some highlights should be placed near the sauce’s bottom edges when coloring it.

Takoyaki sauce highlights the placement

In the red close-up example, you can see where the highlights should be placed.

You can first leave the highlights white with a color around them. Then, lightly apply brown to cover them so they don’t get too bright.

When coloring digitally, add the highlights right after the shadows.

Step 8 – Add Shading To The Container

Takoyaki container shading

You can use greys to shade the container, as it will be made of white.

In this instance, the shading will look like the light is coming from the upper front of the drawing (also slightly towards the left).

This means that the container’s left side will be the most lightened and the right side the darkest. Because the Takoyaki will block some light, the inner sides will be darker. Because the Takoyaki blocks some light, the bottom will be darkest.

Keep in mind that this drawing is somewhat simplified and stylized. You don’t have to be exact with how you place shadows. To make the drawing look more three-dimensional, you just need to give an idea of how they will look.


Step 9 – Add Shading the Takoyaki

Takoyaki drawing

You can add shadows to your Takoyaki, in addition to the gradient. You can add thin shading strips to the sauce and some shading to the Takoyaki balls’ bottom. Depending on the size of your flakes, you can add very small shadows to them.

Takoyaki ball drawing

To make it easier to see the shadows, you can see a larger illustration of one of the Takoyaki balls.


Takoyaki, a common food in manga and anime, may appear easy to draw at first glance. It can be time-consuming to draw details like this one. This shouldn’t discourage you. You may be surprised to see that many of the beautiful and detailed drawings of food are only shown from one angle when you look at anime. The art becomes much more simple once the characters have started eating it. This is because even drawing in a simplified anime style, it can still be difficult and time-consuming to draw delicious-looking food. Don’t be discouraged if this tutorial takes a while.

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