Hello everyone! This lesson will teach you how to draw Tadeo Jons. Ted – The Chicago builder turned archaeologist who was sent to Peru to find the Inca treasure.

Step 1
As we learned in the lesson about drawing a man, I always start with a sketch of a skeleton. Draw the head in the shape of an apple. Next, draw the torso of a larger pear. These pears were drawn in the lesson on how you draw Grinch. Next, draw the arms and legs with simple lines.

Step 2
Tadeo Jones’ figure will have more volume. The shoulders, elbows, and knees should be drawn in the form of circles. Arms and legs should be drawn in the shape of cylinders. The facial lines will be used to help us draw the details of our faces. Draw the hat at the end.

Step 3
Draw the pupils and eyes inside ovals using a pencil. Draw the smiley mouth and nose below. All guidelines that were drawn in the previous step must be erased.

Step 4
We keep working with Tadeo Jones’ head. The hat is very similar to Indiana Jones’ hat. Draw the side whiskers using a wavy line. Draw the ear.

Step 5
We’ve already said that Tadeo Jones looks very much like Indiana Jones. Draw the shirt and suspenders. The collar, buttons, and pocket should be drawn on the chest.

Step 6
Continue drawing the shirt. Add some folds to the tucked sleeves. Sketch the hands using thick, cartoon-like fingers.

Step 7
The pants and shoes of Tadeo James can be removed by erasing the lines from the legs. Draw the details on your shoes by folding the fabric.

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