How to Draw Sweethearts, Sweethearts. -

How to Draw Sweethearts, Sweethearts.

How to Draw Sweethearts, Sweethearts

How to Draw Sweethearts, Sweethearts

Step one:

Make two simple circular shapes for the heads . Then draw body lines that have a slight arched.

Step two:

Draw the side profile of the girl’s facial features as this, then add an ear shape. ears. Once you’ve done that, it is possible to draw the hair, and it is evident that, a portion of it falls to the sides of her face and also on her forehead.

Step three:

Sketch the contour of his face using a side-view way, draw his ears, and the hairstyle.

Step four:

Draw both of their necks and draw both their hands and arms as the picture below. Two angels are placed in a crawling posture to give them a sense of innocent.

Step five:

The next thing to do is draw a wings on each angel’s backs. There are the two feather layers so make sure to draw them in in the manner depicted.

Step six:

You’re almost finished. Draw the legs, butts and big feet and their diapers that are baby-like. Make sure to include the cuffs which rest on the thighs and are not covered by the diapers.

Step seven:

Draw the remainder on the hair of your girl, and then draw the hair lines of the strands on both heads. Draw in the eyes of both girls as well as coloring them after which you will draw the blush marks, as well as the inner ear details. The drawing will be cleaned up and you’re finished.

Step eight:

Here’s your line art after you’re finished. Color in your two angels , or cupids as you like and that’s all there is to it.

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