The staff of enjoys delicious food. We all are a fan of burgers and steaks other people enjoy sushi and sashimi. And if you regularly go to our site, it’s possible that we’ve shown you how to draw the perfect cut of steak and hamburger and now it’s time to teach you the art of drawing sushi. You can tell in the preview, that this is going to be a straightforward art lesson. It will be comprised of four very basic steps and each will be described in the most simple way.


Step 1

The next step is to draw sushi by drawing the most basic lines. First, draw the figure using something like the shape of an American football. Next, using a curving line, divide both the upper and lower parts of the fish. the lower part of the rice.



Step 2

Let’s make an edgy texture. We’ll begin at the top and carefully outline the lines of texture on the fish. Take note of the bend of the piece when drawing these lines. Then, using the aid of many randomly placed curved lines sketch the texture on the rice.


Step 3

Let’s make this sushi picture more natural and attractive. For this, employ an eraser to eliminate any unnecessary guidelines from your yummy image. The lines should be darkened in the sushi illustration to make your image tidy and clean.


Step 4

It is now time to transform your sushi sketch into artwork. For this, you must employ thick hatching in order to create shadows, as seen in the image below the description. Shadows will make to make your Japanese food drawings appear more solid and volumetric.


In the above picture, you will observe the four steps, with the aid of which you’ll master the art of drawing sushi. The group of editors, artists, and even chefs on our website hope you’ll be able to master this challenge, and that you’re able to draw an image of sushi. If you’ve done everything without difficulty, think about drawing slightly different sushi by including either shrimp or nori instead of the fish.

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