How To Draw Sushi Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

In this drawing lesson for sushi it will be drawing a well-known kind of sushi made up of sheets of seaweed, also known as nori, surrounded by layers of fish and rice.

For the beginning, you can use an unruly line to make the outline of a rectangular rounded shape that the sushi. There will also be curvy texture lines that are on the outside and the inside of the fish.

Following that, we’ll sketch the outline of the filling within. Draw more rough lines along the outer circle of the border to form the contour you have drawn This will then be the layer that will be used for it.

Finish by drawing patterns inside the layers of rice, to match the fish pieces that it holds. You’re now ready to move to step 2.

Step 2 – Then you will draw another sushi piece.
We’ll add another section to your drawing of sushi!

In order to do this, you’ll need to do a similar thing to your work from the previous sections. And it’s as simple as drawing the nori seaweed shell as well as the rice layer inside it.

The rice layer is going to be a bit more thick, and we’ll utilize different lines to illustrate the distinctness of this time.

3. Draw more sushi
In this final step of the tutorial on drawing sushi, we’ll add an additional piece to the ensemble! Similar to the first section the third one will follow the same form.

This means seaweed nori as well as rice, but the filling will differ from the two previous ones.

We’ll strive to make the filling distinctive for each portion. You can alter the filling information if you want to.

Step 4 – Draw additional sushi pieces
You’ve accomplished a wonderful job drawing this sushi up to now, so why aren’t you eager to increase the intensity by drawing 2 pieces in one go!

In addition to the fact that you’ll draw two sections instead of one, they’ll have the same concept similar to the previous sections.

You can also alter the information for your sushi’s interior.

After the two sections are completed, you’ll be able to begin putting in details and final touches to complete the following step. So proceed through step five to help make it take place!

Step 5 – Complete your sushi drawing
It is part a instructional video on drawing sushi, which you can then finish by adding some final details as well as other elements you’ve created of your own.

We’ll begin with another piece of sushi. You’re skilled at this, since you’ve drawn incredible sushi!

After this piece is finished and you’re ready to start painting some strokes that you’ve created to finish this painting.

To begin, you could create a background for this image and then specify the context in which the sushi is consumed. Draw the drink or food you would like to drink the most!

As we mentioned sushi can be found in a variety of different forms. You could choose one of your top types of sushi in real life and draw them with the drawings you’ve sketched up to now!

These are only one of numerous ideas you could implement, and you are encouraged to be free to play around with it however you like. We’re excited to see what you come up with this stunning illustration!

Step 6: Finish your sushi design with colors
We’ll make sure you draw a perfect picture of delicious sushi by adding incredible colors.

In the reference image we chose a darker gray and black matte color scheme for the nori coating with a light pink to highlight the individual portion maybe to add some color. A view of salmon.

But, these colors are only suggestions here’s your opportunity for mixing and matching any color you want!

Sushi comes in a variety of varieties and forms It can include a variety of fillings. These fillings may be a mix of vegetables, to a variety of fish.

This provides you with a variety of possibilities on how to finish your drawing with your color choices. It is also possible to create different colors based on the medium used and the tools you are using to paint with.

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