In this drawing tutorial, the team from will teach how to draw the art of drawing Superman’s facial features quickly and easily. Portraits are not often depicted in the real world. When it comes to instruction regarding drawing characters from comics, we typically draw it that is growing. Today, we decided to try something different for a while. We hope you like this concept.


Step 1

The first thing we do is show the shapes of the neck and face. Its contours on the neck are similar to the shape of a horizontal oval, but with an extremely flat upper portion. Then we draw the neck’s contours. In this instance drawing, we are drawing an athletically developed individual with a strong, muscular neck. So, the curves of the neck must coincide with the shape of the head’s length.




Step 2

It is an easy, but crucial step. We will illustrate two lines that cross each other that will provide a vital reference for the rest of the steps. The vertical line must be precisely in the middle. This guideline should split this face into two equally sized portions.

Then we’ll draw a horizontal crease in the eyes. The line should be just a little above the midpoint of the conditional middle of the head.



Step 3

In this phase, it is time to draw an outline of major aspects that will be sketched. In the beginning, we will sketch the eye’s circuits. The principal guideline in this procedure is the horizontal line that we traced in earlier steps. Then we’ll draw the ears. It is important to note that the top of the ear is in line with the eyebrows. The lower part of the ear is projected onto what is the midpoint between the nose and the mouth.



Step 4

We continue to follow the steps of drawing Superman’s Face. Let’s make him more powerful and violent. He is drawn as a huge mandible for a superhero. In order to do this, draw two angles that join the chin and the ear to the sides that are lateral. Additionally, in this stage, we’ll sketch how the ears are shaped. ear relief and the man with a steal.



Step 5

There is all outline for facial expressions. Now, we can draw the facial features in the final detail. In this section, we will draw the eyebrows and pupils. Be particular about the pupils. The appearance of our hero and the entire feeling of the scene depends on the location of the pupils.



Step 6

Draw the nasal wings, and outline of lips that are compressed tightly. Be careful not to draw too large lips. In this situation, your stealthy man drawing will appear more feminine. Don’t forget to draw thin Nasolabial folds.



Step 7

Let’s remove all the unnecessary lines that are on Superman’s face. Then you need to draw hairstyles. It is possible to depict hairs that are different. Be sure to remember that hairlines should be drawn from the roots up to the hair’s tips.



Step 8

To make the face of Superman more real and lifelike We must apply shadows. Shadows must be applied to the hairline. It is essential to avoid leaving the hair with glares when you have large strands of hair. As you can see, not one single hair strand is totally shaded. Shadows can be seen to the left of the face as well as the neck. Don’t forget to leave an open space between the shadows and the contour of the face. In the event that it is not done, it can appear like an unnatural beard.


As we have already mentioned that we have just begun to practice drawing portraits. If you enjoy it or have comments, suggestions, or critiques, we’re eager to hear your feedback on our comment section or on our social media networks.

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