how to draw superman

Are you interested in learning the art of drawing Superman? If yes, then this drawing tutorial was specifically designed to help you.

The team at is a fan of superheroes. We’ve painted Batman as well as Captain America, and we’ve always dreamed of creating Superman one of the first superheroes.

So, the guide on drawing Superman is now available So, gather your preferred art materials, and let’s start!


Step 1

Let’s draw Superman from the Skeleton. Draw the head, chest, and pelvis as a series of ovals. The spine and limbs should be represented in simple lines.




Step 2

Simple lines of cross-stitching around the head can help depict the facial features. face. After that connect the head to the torso and connect the lower torso to the pelvis.




Step 3.

Let’s give our arms a bit of volume. The elbows and shoulders should be represented as balls, and the lower and upper arms should be depicted as cylindrical shapes.




Step 4

Let’s look after your legs, the ones of our hero legend. Sketch the legs as modified cylinders as well as legs as balls. Finish stage four by drawing feet.




Step 5

The blank for the hero is complete, now it’s time to draw the final details. Utilizing the crossed lines that run across the top of your head draw his face, Superman. The same stage can be used to draw hair and ears.




Step 6

Make Superman’s torso appear more muscular look. Next, you can draw part of the cape’s shoulders, and outline the logo at the center of the chest.




Step 7

The arms should now have an athletic look by emphasizing all muscle groups like the artists from In this case, deltoids, biceps forearms, and triceps ought to be easily evident.




Step 8

At the waist, draw an elastic belt with a buckle that is in the middle. Then, draw shorts and boots and give your legs a more streamlined appearance. Don’t forget to not forget to show the belt loops on both sides of your buckle.




Step 9

Clark Kent has a very large and powerful jaw. Make this jaw stand out with a distinctive appearance, just like the artists from in their sketch below. Make sure to include hair that is in the shape of the S. S in the front.




Step 10

A very complex stage in which we’ll draw the letters S in the chest. Make sure to do it exactly as the artists from did. Draw the abbs below.




Step 11

Take an eraser and remove the entire surface of Superman from the guidelines. Utilize the dark pencil or ink to trace the upper part of the body. This will create a Superman drawing with a more refined and more appealing appearance.




Step 12

Then, use an eraser to erase all guidelines remaining in this Superman drawing. The knee joints are depicted as well as the visible part of the quadriceps thigh.




Step 13

Alongside a massive, powerful jaw as well as the S symbol, a distinctive aspect that is unique to Superman has to be his cape. The cape is depicted using some long and smooth lines.




Step 14

Complete the drawing of the cape by creating the lower part with a curved line. Don’t forget to add some folds, like the artists from have done in their sketches.




Step 15

If you’ve done all the right things, and adhered to the directions of the artists at If you’ve followed the instructions exactly, then your Superman drawing will look like this:




Step 16

Take the popular colors and apply them to Superman. You could also spray paint his costume black to create a dark Superman costume.




We created Man of Steel using a somewhat unconventional method. Did you find it easy to master how to draw Superman with this sixteen-stage guideline? Send us a note about this, as we read all of your comments and will respond to a lot of them.

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