Superman is the original and most cool comic book hero of all time. That’s why we like to design instructions on how to draw Superman step-by-step. As you can see in this post, we’ve created a new one. Let’s draw it!


Step 1

The first step is to outline the outline of the character’s body. The stickman is the most suitable figure for this. As you may know, this is a form made up of circles and sticks. This is a robust male with a broad chest and slim pelvis. The height of the character is equal to the total length of six heads.



Step 2

In this step, we join the circular shapes we created in the previous step. We first join the chest and head to create the neck. In our instance, the neck appears to be an imposing small cylindrical. We then draw elegant curving lines connecting the broad chest with the narrow pelvis. After this section, we outline two lines that intersect on the face, which divide the head into two equal parts.


Step 3

Now let’s add some depth to the legs of Superman. The elbows, deltoids as well as knees that we have in our superheroes are to be drawn as normal forms, while the legs and arms must be drawn in the shape of cylinders with slight modifications. Additionally, at this point, it is important to sketch hands squeezed in fists and feet, using rough lines.


Step 4

We outline the fundamental facial features using the aid of regular dots. We also outline the hairline with the use of a flowing line. In the body part of the hero, we see the logo’s outline. Then, we complete the process and trace our mantle’s contours.


Step 5

We continue our guide on drawing Superman step-by-step. Then we sketch the final facial characteristics. Be careful not to draw too many details. Make the oval’s eyes by drawing a few sporadic short lines, and draw the outline of the mouth and nose. Don’t forget to draw the hair.


Step 6

The next step is to focus on the torso and torso of Superman. We will draw neck muscles, visible and large pectoral muscles as well as abdominal muscles. On the inside of the thorax, it is possible to draw the Superman symbol. Then we remove any unnecessary guidelines off the body before moving on to the next step.


Step 7

We’re truly lucky. Hands are among the toughest areas to draw. This step is to sketch the outline of the strong arms and shoulders of our super-hero. Following this, we are able to eliminate any unnecessary guidelines of the body’s upper part, and then move to the lower legs.


Step 8

There is only one thing to do on the final contours of those legs that our characters wear. Let’s trace the leg contours using clear, confident lines. Knee joints should be identified by using just a couple of strokes. Remember the angular line which is the line that separates boots from pants.


Step 9

This is the last step of the instruction on drawing Superman. In this section, we’ll draw the Mantle’s final contours and draw folds along the longitudinal side of the fabric throughout the length of the mantle. The folds on the fabric are crucial because they depict the character’s pose or movement at a certain moment.


We wish you the best result, and that your Superman appears very real and terrifying. Don’t neglect to let us know your photos and feedback with us.

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