The group of editors and artists of will show the art of drawing fly Superman in eight easy and easy-to-understand steps. We’ve already posted an instructional on drawing Superman but this iconic superhero was in a very static posture. Although the instructions on drawing Superman flying in his pose is more complex, however, we are confident that you will not face problems while drawing because we’ve divided the guide into eight steps and have added the most simple and easy explanation.


Step 1

In order to draw Superman when flying, first, we’ll draw his posture, or more precisely his skeleton with the posture we require. Start with the oval spine and headline. The next step is to create a broad pelvis and rib cage. Then, draw the legs. Try to recreate the pose in the same way as the artists from did.


Step 2

Draw a crosshair on the face. This can serve as a guide for the particulars that make up the facial features. Then, create a strong neck and an equally strong body. By using simple geometric shapes, you can add muscle to the legs and arms. The entire Man of Steel’s physique must be strong and powerful The muscles are visible already at the beginning.

Step 3

Then, using rough and light lines, add vital details to the drawing of the flying Superman. Let’s begin at the top of the head. By drawing rough lines, you can show the lines of the face and the famous hairstyles. Then, you can move on towards the body, illustrating the outline of the costume, as well as the diamond-shaped logo on the chest. Finish this stage of preparation by drawing the outline of the cape in the back.

Step 4

Starting with the 4th step we’ll apply darker finishing lines. Take care to sketch the features of the face, followed by the work of artists at After that, carefully sketch the ears and the powerful square jaw. Make a sketch of the hair’s outline and take away any unneeded guidelines off the face.

Step 5

Draw neck muscles, strong and massive pectoral muscles, and abdominal muscles. On the inside of your chest, draw the Superman symbol (by the way, to know more about the Superman logo, check out our guide on drawing Superman’s logo). Superman emblem). Take out all guidelines that are not needed from the torso, and then proceed to the sixth step.

Step 6

Take care to trace the round. All muscles should be over-tense and tense and the muscle lines are clearly evident. After that, draw carefully with clenched hands and a waving cape. Take away any unnecessary guidelines off the body’s upper limbs, and shift to lower limbs.

Step 7

What we learned during the 7th step, we will repeat in this step. Clear, smooth lines trace the legs as well as all the muscles in the legs, as seen in the image below. Sketch the lines for the knee joint, and folds, and eliminate all other undesirable lines from the sketch of the flying Superman.

Step 8

Let’s draw the shadows. These are created in the style of the traditional comic and appear like dark sections of shadows that are contrasting. To draw shadows like these start by drawing the outline of them and then fill them in with a dark, solid black shade. At the same time paint the hair, leaving highlights. Then draw light shadows by hatching.

In this comic arts tutorial, we’ve shown eight steps to draw a flying Superman. Send us a note of what superhero or supervillain you’d like to see featured on’s pages.

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