how to draw supergirl

In the earlier instructions, the team from demonstrated how to draw Superman and, now we’ll teach the user how you can sketch Supergirl. The two superheroes are very like each other however, there are some obvious distinctions that we’ll be paying particular attention to in this guide.


Step 1

The character we will draw is Supergirl in flight, therefore you will see some distinctions in comparison to a standing human model. Start sketching Supergirl from the Skeletal Model. Learn how to draw this from a post on drawing the human body.




Step 2

Supergirl has a face that is upwards, therefore the lines on her face should be right. Connect the neck and head with an elongated neck. Then, using smooth lines, draw the body with the bends that the human body has.




Step 3.

Supergirl’s arms of Supergirl must also be drawn using geometric shapes that are simple, however, unlike male arms, the female arms appear more elegant and refined.




Step 4

The female legs in the image are also a bit different in comparison to male legs. they are a little wider at the hips and narrower around the ankles and knees.




Step 5

Then let’s look at the details of the Supergirl drawing. Utilizing the transverse lines, first draw your eyes first, then draw the smiling eyes in front of them. Then draw the eyes and the puffy lips.




Step 6

Let’s draw hair. In this case, it is important to create long lines that are smooth and flowing to show the stunning and gorgeous haircut of Supergirl. As a matter of fact, in different comics, Supergirl’s hairstyle may be quite different.




Step 7

It’s now time to get started on the specifics that make up the entire body. Make the arms appear more streamlined by drawing smooth lines to make them appear more natural and more precise. At the same time depict the fingers such as the example provided by the artists from




Step 8

Then we’ll take the same steps but with the lower part of Supergirl. Draw the skirmish then trace the legs to make them smoother and more polished. Depict distinctive boots.




Step 9

It’s time to draw the most striking feature of any superhero from the past the cape. Imagine it in fluid lines like the artists at did.

Step 10

Let’s now draw a huge S in the chest area of Supergirl. This is not different from the one on their chest of Superman. Make sure you do everything exactly the way that the artists from have done in their picture below the text.




Step 11

This is the moment to use an eraser to remove any unnecessary lines in the Supergirl drawing using its help. After that, you can trace the image. finish it with the appropriate finishing touches.




Step 12

The final step is that we’ll just need to paint Supergirl. The colors are traditional which means that it’s a classic red-blue costume, interspersed with yellow. If you’ve done everything correctly and you’ve followed the steps for drawing Supergirl is at an end.




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