How to draw Strong Guy

Hey dear artists, and welcome to 3dvkarts. Today’s drawing class will discuss an unpopular character in the Marvel Universe. As you probably could have guessed, today we’ll teach you the art of drawing Strong Guy from X-Men.

Step 1
The character we see today is massive and powerful. So, the parts of his body must also be huge. Begin by sketching the head in the shape in the shape of an oval. The next step is to draw a massive abdomen and pelvis. By using simple lines draw out the legs and arms.

Step 2
In this case, we must add the size to your body as Our Strong Guy. As you can observe his body shape is large. Connect the pelvis and chest to form the shape of the body. Then, we draw large arms by clenching our fists. We also draw shorter, but still strong legs.

Step 3
Draw the outline of the head, with hair that is piled up on the top and tiny ears along the sides. Next, draw glasses, a large mouth, and a nose with teeth clenched.

Step 4
Let’s begin to work on the body. Create a round torso that tapers sharply towards the waist. After erasing your guidelines of the previous steps, trace the lines of different elements of clothing.

Step 5
With clear lines, draw out massive arms, eliminating unnecessary lines from the initial steps. Draw the hands that are with fists clenched (to get more information, go to the video on drawing fingers).

Step 6
We’ll now look at the lower part in Strong Guy. Draw the legs out by taking into consideration the joints and muscles as we’ve shown in our illustration. Eliminate all other guidelines that were left from the previous steps.

The lesson was on drawing the character of a Strong Guy. Do you want to learn more drawing lessons on characters from Marvel as well as comics in general? If yes, then visit our “Comics” area on our site.


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