Welcome to 3dvkarts! This lesson will teach you how to draw Storm from X-Men. This iconic character from the X-Men has appeared in many comics, animated movies, and movies.

Step 1
Let’s begin as usual with the skeleton. It is necessary to ensure that the drawing is smooth and symmetrical. First, draw an oval-shaped head. Next, draw the neck that runs into the spine. Draw a thorax and a pelvis along the lines of your spine. Draw arms and legs using simple lines.

Step 2
As always, the second step adds volume to the skeleton. Draw a neck- and torso shape that looks like an hourglass. Next, draw thin arms and legs. They should be wide at the hips but taper towards the knees. Next, draw the feet and the hands. Don’t forget to draw the intersecting lines at the top of the head.

Step 3
We now need to draw some basic details. As always, we’ll start at the top, and then move down. The eyes are drawn to the horizontal line of your face. The eyebrows are located just above the nose and mouth. Next, draw the hair. A cape is divided into two sections and lines of clothing.

Step 4
Let’s get to the last few details. Draw the outline of your face. Next, draw the eyes and plump lips. Next draw the tiara, and outline of lush hair.

Step 5
Let’s draw the torso. Draw the neck and the part of the cloak that covers the neck. Next, trace the outline of the torso using smooth lines. Next, draw the outline of the clothing. Be sure to take into consideration all curves under the clothes. Remove all lines that are not necessary.

Step 6
Continue to draw the arms along the lines of your torso. Not unlike the muscular and massive arms of Dr. Manhattan, female arms aren’t as large or strong. Use bracers to draw and keep your hands and fingers neat.

Step 7
Move to the bottom of Storm’s body. Continue following the lines of your torso, and draw the outline of the legs. Attention to the fact the lines must be smooth. Take out all unnecessary guidelines and draw the outline of high boots. Add a few folds.

Step 8
Let’s now move to the shadows. First, we must determine where the light originates. Next, take this into consideration and add shadows to the parts of Storm that are least illuminated. Shadows can be drawn using light hatching, such as this example. Or shadows can look like black with contrast areas, like the Spider-Man lesson.

It was a lesson on how you can draw Storm from Marvel. Here are some tips that you can use to help you draw. When drawing, you must first consider the differences in proportions between a man and a woman. Drawing the female figure is easier because it is more detailed. Don’t forget to mention that women tend to have narrower shoulders and hips than men.

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