How to draw Stingy from Lazytown

How to draw Stingy from Lazytown

Step 1:

Start by drawing the shapes and guides for Stingy. This is the head and shoulders. When you’re done, draw the facial guidelines.

Step 2:

This will allow you to define the shape of Stingy’s crown, and then create the outline for his hairstyle.

Step 3:

Finish the face shape and draw the ears.

Step 4:

Now add details to the hair and sides. Next draw the large eye shapes, the nose, and add the eyebrows and lids.

Step 5:

Next, color in the pupils.

Step 6:

Stingy should be given a neck. Next, draw a bow tie.

Step 7:

Draw the final step by drawing some shoulders, then add his arms.

Step 8:

After you have erased all mistakes and guides, your drawing should look like this.

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