How to Draw Steven Universe Future

How to Draw Steven Universe Future

Step one:

Let’s draw a few simple guidelines that will allow us to create Steven’s physique.

Step two:

Here, I’ve broken down the face into four easy steps, making him more straightforward to draw and sketch!

Step three:

Then, draw the left arm of Steven.

Step four:

Then, we make a drawing of the left arm too.

Step five:

You can spice up his outfit by adding a pocket and star in the jacket.

Step six:

Then, proceed to hold his hands in fists.

Step seven:

Then take a picture of his feet and shoes.

Step eight:

Finally make sure you draw the sandles as well as his feet or toes!

Step nine:

Examine your sketch, and you’ll have something that is similar to this line artwork. Tell me what find interesting about this tutorial. which characters should I draw following?

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