In the last drawings, lessons taught the students the art of drawing Stan Smith from American Dad. In this lesson, we’ll teach you what to draw in his drawing, and let’s get started with the lesson on drawing Steve Smith.

Step 1
The first step is to draw the outline of the rectangular glasses and the sharp nose of the modern persona.

Step 2
It is a simple process that we can draw Steve Smith’s eyelids as well as pupils which look like dots.

Step 3
Draw contours for the facial and chin (similar to cartoon bones) like in our illustration. Draw eyebrows.

Step 4
Create a smiley mouth using teeth that are drawn near the top of the mouth.

Step 5
A little above, and draw the outline of the hair that is soiled. At the same time draw the neck and the ear.

Step 6
A rather complex process in which we draw the collar, sleeves, and various other pieces of outerwear.

Step 7
Another step that is quite difficult is when we take out our hands that are clenched into fists.

Step 8
With just three lines, trace the outline that Steve Smith’s trousers.

Step 9
Draw our big sneakers, and the lesson on drawing Steve Smith from American Dad is now available.

Another lesson was given about these characters in the cartoon show American Dad. In the near future, we’ll draw the characters left from this series. Make a list of characters you’d like to draw as well, and our editors and artists will draw a drawing tutorial about the character. Also, make sure to check out the category of “Cartoons” on our website to learn how to draw characters from the broadest of universes.

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