How to draw Steve in Minecraft? This tutorial will teach you how to draw a character in this popular game.

It was a unique game that quickly became a favorite among gamers. This game was first sold on computers and then on consoles. It has been downloaded millions of times. Markus Persson’s creation Discovery World was a success due to its unique design and addictive gameplay.

Step 1
Draw the head shape in an opaque cube. It will visually appear like a pair of adjacent trapezoids.

Step 2
Now draw the torso. You will notice that we are using only straight lines here (as in the tutorial how do I draw a house). Draw the arms and torso in rectangles.

Step 3
Next, draw the legs in an elongated rectangle shape. You can also draw straight lines around the hair. As you can see, the same line is also a line to the ear.

Step 4
We now draw Steve’s face from Minecraft. The appearance of Minecraft characters is quite unusual. Use rectangles to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth. Draw the angular neckline.

Step 5
Use hatching to paint the right side of the figure. The light will fall from the front of Steve, and to the right (from ours), then we’ll shade the left. You can also add hatching to the ears, nose, mouth, and pupils of Steve using Minecraft.

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