We created a large number of characters from superhero teams. We attempted to incorporate all the worlds that comprise Marvel and DC to the fullest extent possible. Today we decided to honor the character in the squad Guardians of the Galaxy from the Marvel Universe. It is, in fact, Star-Lord, the head of the group. This lesson will help you to discover what it takes to draw Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy


Step 1

If you’ve seen the movies of the universe of Marvel and Marvel, you will remember it was The Star-Lord is a little weighty. But, he was not always slim. In this lesson, we’ll depict him in the image of a man in his 20s with an average body.

Shoulders might appear somewhat because of the angle. The pelvis appears larger because the legs of the character are straight.




Step 2

Let’s draw the contours for the pelvis, neck, and torso. There isn’t the typical narrowing of the waist as you would see in other athletes with a strong body. In reality, our hero is wearing loose clothes. We don’t draw the body’s contours, however, his clothes actually.



Step 3

Let’s focus on the hands. Hands shouldn’t have any physical curves. Hands are like circles and bars. Imagine that you’re drawing an army soldier made of wood. The tibiae and hips should have an appearance of a slight bent. Make use of coarse, large pieces to show loose and broad pants.



Step 4

The head of comic characters is among the most difficult parts of the drawing lesson. Sketch the area for Star Lord’s eyes. Mark your nose with a small line, then draw the mouth using another line. Then you must outline the lines of the jaw and hair.



Step 5

This phase will be devoted in the sense that we’ll sketch the particulars of the head of the Star Lord. Draw the eyes and the outline of the mask that surrounds the eyes. Then draw the mouth and nose. Then, sketch the outline of the ears, jaws, and hair. Don’t forget to take out any lines that are not needed from your head.



Step 6

The next step is to sketch Star Lord’s figure. The first step is to sketch out the rectangular contours of his jacket. Then, sketch your shirt’s outline, and create the belt. After this step, you can take out any unnecessary guidance on the physique.



Step 7

This is a challenging part of the drawing tutorial on Star-Lord, in which we’ll need to sketch out the arms with great detail. With the aid of transparent and dark lines, we sketch out the massive deltoids, biceps, and forearm muscles. At the same time, we meticulously draw our hands as well as the laser gun.



Step 8

It’s time to sketch the legs with a detailed drawing. As you can observe the legs are big and broad. By using dark and slightly curly lines it is necessary to meticulously trace the contours of the legs. Draw all folds and contours of muscles. In the same way, we’ll draw the high-heeled shoe that belongs to Star-Lord.



Step 9

The last step in the drawing tutorial is the drawing process of Star-Lord, which will be dedicated to shadows. The first step is to paint the neck and face. After that, apply the jacket as shown in the example. Then, we can add shadows for the legs with thick hatching.


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