Today we’ll show the head of the Smith family which is Stan Smith. Stan serves as the principal character of the show “American Dad” written by Seth Macfarlane (creator of Family Guy).

Despite the odd title, the show was extremely high-end and unique, with its own unique style and atmosphere of humor.

Stan Smith is the stereotypical CIA agent, a true superhero, and a great family man. He is quite grotesque due to his massive chin which almost exceeds the rest of his body. So, let’s find out the art of drawing Stan Smith from American Dad.

Step 1
In the beginning, we draw the stickman in the first step. Its proportions do not have much to be compared to the dimensions of a real man. We have already said that Stan Smith is very grotesque and this is obvious in the initial step. Draw the head with an enormous circle. By drawing simple lines, draw the body. Be aware of the broad shoulders, and also the ratio of lengths between the legs and trunk The body is disproportionately long as are the legs. significantly shorter.

Step 2
Create a silhouette that resembles Stan Smith, adding volume to his appearance. The feet and hands are depicted as cylindrical shapes. The body’s shape droops because of a broad chest and a narrow waist. Remember the signature feature of our hero, an enormous, powerful (as the man described) jawline. We will outline the two types of lines of the face: the vertical (shows how the face has harmony) in addition to the horizontal (line between the eyes).

Step 3
Draw the features on the facial features. The eyes appear to be on several laps. Above the eyes, draw eyebrows using small lines. Draw the lines of the hair (note eyebrows and hair are quite close to one another). Draw a curving line to indicate the nose. Then, using two lines like Smiley to indicate the mouth.

Step 4
Continue to learn drawing Stan Smith. Eliminate the extra lines off the face. Then, draw the contours of the face. Draw the teeth and the tongue. Draw a line in the ear’s contour.

Step 5
Our protagonist works for the CIA which is why he has to wear a formal dress. When you are ready, put on an appropriate jacket and tie. Don’t forget the crucial details, like buttons, and an icon that is in the shape of an American symbol on the right side of us. Draw the silhouettes of your shoe and pants. Also, draw your hands as Stan Smith as in our illustration.

Step 6
Eliminate all other guidelines left by Stan Smith. Mark the lines, clear and smooth so that Stan Smith is ready!

We’ll be delighted can say that this drawing lesson will teach you what to draw Stan Smith from American Dad step-by-step.

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