Hello dear artists. Following the news on Eric Cartman and Kyle Broflovski, Many readers asked us to write as many lessons as we could on people of The Southern Park. Today, we decided to make an instructional video on drawing Stan Marsh – one of the most prominent characters from Southern Park.

Step 1
What we first sketch will be the outline of our head as a form of an arc. Then create two lines that intersect across the head.

Step 2
Then, draw out the torso and collar to create the torso and collar of Stan Marsh in the form of the trapezoid.

Step 3
With the aid of lightly curled lines, draw the hands and arms into circles.

Step 4
Draw the seams as well as buttons to the chest. At the same time, draw the legs like in our illustration.

Step 5
We then rise up in order to create oval-shaped eyes using the aid of intersecting lines that we created in the previous step.

Step 6
With the help of two curving lines trace the bottom edge of your hat. Then, at the top, you can draw an elongated pompon.

Step 7
Then we move to the final step, where we erase all unnecessary lines to make the drawing neat and smooth.

It was a class on drawing Stan Marsh from South Park. Which other characters from the animated series would you like to see featured on our website? Send us a message in the comments of this article. Also, you can follow our social media channels.

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