How to Draw Squirtle

In this easy, yet extremely informative and interesting instructional drawing lesson, our team from will teach how to draw ways to draw Squirtle out of Pokemon quickly and easily.

In reality, this cult show was released quite a long time back, yet it remains very popular today. Adults and kids alike enjoy not just watching Pokémon but drawing characters from Pokemon. Our readers frequently wanted to know how to draw Squirtles. Squirtle and, naturally, we couldn’t turn them down.


Step 1

For drawing Squirtle correctly, draw two normal circles. The lines must not be too straight and perfect. Don’t forget that in the near future, we will make many adjustments and remove those lines that have become ineffective.




Step 2

In anime, extremely big and expressive eyes are usually drawn the Squirtle character is not one of them. Therefore, draw large eyes with huge pupils. Remember to outline two short lines depicting eyebrows.




Step 3

Then, using the aid with two ovals draw the center that is the pupil. Then, draw an elongated cheek and a mouth that is sinuous of Our turtle Pokemon. Be sure to mark the nostrils with two thin lines.




Step 4

Squirtle has the ability to run on hind legs as well as on four legs. In the drawing we have, Squirtle will stand on two legs and the forelimbs are extended. Therefore, using only a few lines, you can draw the arms in the same way as the artists from did.




Step 5

Another step that is super simple is the video tutorial on drawing Squirtle in Pokemon. The Squirtle character has three fingers. In this section, we show his palms, as well as his three fingers with angular shapes.



Step 6

As mentioned earlier, Squirtle in this example will be standing on its hind feet. With just a few lines, draw the legs with rounded edges that make up the Pokemon like in the picture below the text.



Step 7

Squirtle is a tiger with three feet similar to those on the palms of his fingers. Draw the angular toes as shown in the illustration by the artists at



Step 8

Let’s change our Pokemon to appear more like the turtle. The first step is to draw the contours of the shell by using two lines of curly lines. Then, you can use two simple lines to create a design for the shell on its back.



Step 9

Now, let’s make a texture of the shell that is on the side and back of the body. To ensure that you don’t confuse everything, try to precisely and clearly duplicate all patterns on your shell.



Step 10

The next part is the specifics on the Pokemon that differentiates it in comparison to the actual turtle Of course, we’re speaking of his tail. The tail you see is one that reminds us of the tails of Squirtle.




Step 11

Take an eraser, and boldly but cautiously take out all lines that are unnecessary off your Squirtle drawing. Draw and darken the essential lines so that the drawing is stunning and clear.




Step 12

Of course, it’s possible to make your Squirtle drawing in white and black However, we believe it’s best to give him a bit of shade of color. Color his face blue. Paint his shell in brown shades and his eyes with purple.




Today, with just twelve steps, we taught you the drawing process of Squirtle as a Pokemon. Please let us know your thoughts on this lesson and tell us what else you’d like to learn how to draw.

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