Spongebob Squarepants has been one of the most loved animated shows ever! Spongebob and his pals have entertained audiences through movies, shows, and video games since 1999.

It is filled with bright and cheery characters. His neighbor Squidward stands out with his grumpiness, cynicism and smile.

Despite his popularity, Squidward is still a beloved character. Many fans love to learn how they can draw him.

This guide is for you if you like this grumpy character!

How to Draw A Sweater

This step-by-step guide will show you how to draw Squidward. In just 10 steps, you’ll be able to recreate this beloved character.

1st Step:

We will use a pencil for the first few steps in this guide to drawing Squidward. Then we’ll move on to using a pen.

It will be easier to plan everything if we add more details. Draw a flat oval shape with your pen for the main shape and shape of his head.

Draw a line that runs down from the line with a flat line below it. Attach that line to the line. Now you are ready to move on to step 2.

2nd Step:

We will now draw his nose and eyes. Draw two oval shapes that connect to form his eyes.

For his nose to flop, you can use a curved line that drops down from it.

3rd Step:

Squidward’s neck is long and thin. We will use that as our guide to drawing Squidward.

You can then draw the little collar of his shirt at the base by drawing two lines that are slightly bent from his bottom.

4th Step:

You can now add a shirt to your Squidward drawing by using your pencil. Draw some diagonal lines to create the shirt sleeves, then add the body of the shirt underneath them.

For now, we are using a pencil because we will be drawing over his shirt with our crossed arms later.

5th Step:

We now have his shirt. Let’s draw the crossed tentacle arms of Squidward in this step.

His arms will be drawn using curved and rounded lines. Make sure you refer to the reference image as you draw.

6th Step:

Squidward is made up of four tentacle legs. We will now draw the first one in your Squidward drawing.

You can draw some curves for his bottom, starting from underneath his shirt. Next, draw long lines for his leg. Then add his tentacle foot at its end curving upwards.

The next step will be to add more legs!

7th Step:

Once you’ve drawn the first leg, you can add the second one to our guide on drawing Squidward.

The second leg will be opposite the first and it will almost look like the first. Once that leg is drawn, we can add the details to the next step!

8th Step:

Next, you will finish the details of this Squidward drawing. Begin by adding two feet to the two you have drawn so that there are more curves.

Next, draw a line under his nose for his mouth. You can also draw lines on his forehead to show that he frowns often!

9th Step:

You will finish the last details of our guide on draw.

You can also use your pen in this section. Start by erasing the lower part of the left eye and then drawing his nose, poking at that area.

You can then draw his eyelids half-way down and his square pupils.

Finish by drawing the suctions under his feet. When you are satisfied with the result, you can take out your pen and erase all pencil lines.

We will color your Squidward character in this final step. We have shown you in our reference image what Squidward’s typical coloring should look like.

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