How to draw SpongeBob

You want to learn how to draw SpongeBob SquarePants? You’ve come to the right place. This drawing lesson will teach you how to draw SpongeBob step by step.

The tutorial on this site has a dashed line that runs through the center of each step. If you make a dashed line on your paper before you start drawing, it will be easier to stay in the center of the paper.

For instance, as seen in Step 1 below, the top left corner of the SpongeBob’s body starts near the top the paper and well to the left of the center line. The body then continues to the right and fills up most of the top half of the paper.

Drawing skills are all about seeing where to place one’s lines, so having some visual reference point to get started, will always help anyone learn how to be a little more accurate.
If you want to learn how to draw better, you can start by drawing a picture of something. You could draw a picture of your family or your friend. If you want to draw something simple, you can draw a picture of a circle or a square. If you want to draw something more complicated, you can draw a picture of a house or a tree.

When you are drawing a picture, you can use a ruler to make sure that your lines are all straight. If you want to draw a straight line, you can Follow me.

How to draw SpongeBob Step by Step

  •  Start off with a slightly wedged rectangular sponge shape. Divide it into sections as shown.
  •  Draw two circles resting on the center lines. Add an oval for a cheek. Draw in the mouth and the upper lip. Add four slightly curved triangles, two on the bottom and two on the side, just above the dividing line.
  • Add lashes on the eyes. Draw in a tongue and L-shaped tubes for arms and legs and end them with circles.
  • Now carefully draw in the nose starting from and ending on the vertical drawing line. Add two squares for his buck teeth. Draw in SpongeBob’s shirt collar and tie. Now for his shoes, draw a peanut shape that will go over the circles you drew there before.
  • Draw in the pupils. Add freckles and the lower lip line. Start to draw SpongeBob’s fingers. Make his belt loops as simple rectangles. Draw in two small rectangles at the base of his heel. Oh, and draw in three curved lines just under his knees on each leg for his socks.
  • Now add in his wavy spongy outline, add in his spots. Complete the fingers and finish SpongeBob’s shoes by carefully adding the bottoms.

Some SpongeBob Drawing Image


We would also love to see your finished Spongebob drawing, so please do share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages so we can see how creatively talented you are.

Please see and enjoy the following collection of personal galleries. We all believe you will have a lot of fun. Observing others’ artwork is always, always very inspirational. You may get some new ideas for your own drawings.

Well, that’s pretty much it for this lesson. Details are saved for when you color him, use green circles for the holes in the sponge.

Or if you like and don’t want to color him, you can draw the circles in place with lines of a slightly less pressure than the others in the drawing.

Something else you might try, see if you can tilt him on an angle and draw him so that he’s 3D. If you look at the Spongebob contributions in the Visitors’ Gallery, Marie Christian and Georgina Hynes did an excellent job in their depictions of Spongebob.

That’s it for this lesson. Hope you enjoyed it!

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