Today, we are going to please those who love anime. We’ve created a drawing tutorial that will teach you the drawing process of Spike Spiegel step-by-step. If you’re visiting this page you are probably aware you know that Spike Spiegel is the main protagonist of the popular cult animation about Bebop, the Bebop spaceship.


Step 1

There is a drawing lesson on anime characters. But the distinct characteristics of the anime style are apparent only after the first three steps. We now are normal stickman slim and tall young men. Be aware of the narrow chest, the narrow pelvis visible neck, and large legs.



Step 2

Then we draw an outline from Spike Spiegel. The appearance of Spike Spiegel should become more evident. In order to achieve this, connect the chest and pelvis with two lines that are curved. Draw the neck’s contour into an extended thin cylindrical. Also, we can draw legs and arms as cylinders.


Step 3.

It’s a very easy and crucial step by which we include the essential information on this Spike Spiegel drawing. The drawing starts at the top and proceeds to the bottom. By using the intersecting lines of earlier steps, draw out the nose, eyes, and mouth. Then sketch the hairstyle that is Spike Spiegel, the ear, and the face. Utilizing gentle lines and pencils, we sketch out our clothing. Draw the contours of the collar that is open and the sleeves.


Step 4

Now, it is obvious that we’re drawing anime-style. We’ll draw the mouth as well as the nose and ears in a simplified form. These are like short lines that have a slight bend. Eyes must be carefully drawn. They are large and expressive. Be aware of the posture that the pupil is in. This is an extremely important aspect that helps to express the atmosphere in the film Spike Spiegel.


Step 5

In this stage, we sketch the specifics of the clothes that are placed in the upper part of our body. You can draw a tie or jacket with a unique round collar. Be aware of the smallest aspects, such as vertical fasteners, folds in the fabric, and the muscle lines on the neck. The sketch is gradually becoming increasingly like a Spike Spiegel drawing.


Step 6

It is probably the most difficult portion of many drawing tutorials. Drawing fingers and palms isn’t an easy job. In our instance, our hands are inside the pockets. So we simply trace the contours on the sleeves as well as the folds of the fabric


Step 7

In this phase, we’ll draw Spike Spiegel’s pants. To draw it, we draw the silhouette of the pants with careful hand movements, making sure to take into consideration the various folds in the material. Draw the outline of the shoes as well as the particulars on the shoes. After that, you can erase the other instructions.


Step 8

The Spike Spiegel drawing is close to being completed We only have to deal with shadows. Similar to another drawing guide for anime first, we identify what is the light source. Also, take this into consideration sketch hatchings of various intensities on areas with the most light. In our instance, these are the sections of tissue that lie under the collar as well as on the medial portions of the arms, and on the abdomen.


The drawing instructions for another anime are completed, and we hope you are aware of the art of drawing Spike Spiegel. We hope you like anime. Because anime is awesome. Also, we hope this lesson was useful. In the near future, we will create as many interesting and cool drawing guides as we can that can help you sort out this issue in the most precise manner feasible and take your drawing abilities in anime to a whole new level. Don’t be averse to sharing this video on your social media If you enjoy it.


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