How to Draw Spider-Man

It’s time to introduce you to our favorite superhero. Today, we will teach you to draw Spider-Man.


Step 1

First, we draw an image of a stickman. By using this form of circles and sticks to draw the fundamental dimensions of Spider-Man and its position on a piece of paper. The progress in our characters is the total length of the seven goals. The chest’s oval should be larger than the pelvis’ oval.




Step 2

Draw two lines that intersect inside an oval shape of your face. Horizontal lines should lie slightly lower than the middle. The vertical line must divide The head of Spider-Man into two equally sized sections.

Connect the chest and head by 2 vertical lines. Then, we join the pelvis and the chest using lines that make a waist that tapers.




Step 3.

In this phase, we’ll draw the contours of legs. Legs and arms look like cylinders that have smooth constrictions. Make sure that the legs of our character don’t appear too massive and large.




Step 4

With the help of the landmarks from the second stage, We create our eyes using the landmarks from the second stage. Spider-Man mask. Give a bit of relief to the legs and arms of our Spider-Man.




Step 5

Before starting to work on the costume, it is important be certain that we’ve correctly drawn the character of Spider-Man. In this stage, we must remove any guidelines that are not needed and check the proportions and shapes of our sketch.




Step 6

Then we’ll make a mark on our attention to the Spider-Man costume. It is a combination of blue and red components. This is the moment when we’ll create the Spider-Man logo on the middle of the chest. Also, we will sketch the contours of the red section in the suit.




Step 7

Let’s get the web working to create the perfect Spider-Man costume. In any costume worn by the superhero, there’s one pattern that is the longitudinal lines of the web starting from the web that is located above the eye’s nose and, in a sense, it diverges across the body and legs.




Step 8

Then draw these lines transverse to the lines drawn on the website. The closer they are to that bridge on the nasal, the thicker the lines. When you wear gloves or feet the web can be extremely tightly woven.




Step 9

Examining the character of Spider-Man. We take a close look at the logo and the mask. We are impressed by the proportions and the physique. If you don’t see any errors or mistakes it is possible to remove any unnecessary lines.




Step 10

We employ blue and red colors to give a distinct look to Spider-Man. The eyes must be white, and the logo at the top of the chest should always be black.




If you’ve been able to draw this superhero You can test your drawing skills in a second tutorial on the superhero from Marvel. We’re talking about Captain America.

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