Today we’ll demonstrate the art of drawing Spawn. We’re certain that Spawn is among the comics that are underrated heroes in the world of fantasy.

Step 1
In the first step, we have to draw the skeleton of our person, we refer to it as “stickman”. After that, we draw the neckline and spine. Be aware of the length which is the same as the height of all three heads. Along the spine, sketch out an elongated thorax as well as a slim pelvis. Take note that the thorax’s length is approximately the size of the two heads. By using simple lines, draw the legs and arms. We can then see that the physique of an athlete is around the size of eight heads.

Step 2
In this phase, we will need to calculate the volumes for each area that makes up the whole body. We suggest drawing starting from the top and working downwards. Drawing in this direction is easy since Spawn Here is straight.

Begin by drawing the lines of facial symmetry. This can help us draw facial characteristics. Connect the pelvis and chest the waist should be to be narrow. The shoulders, elbows, and knees by drawn in circles. Draw legs and arms with modified shapes of cylindrical. In the same way, provide feet and hands with the proper shape.

Step 3
In this stage, we’ll introduce some important details to the sketch. Start by drawing the head, and sketching the eyes, nose, and mouth using gentle lines. Then, sketch the outline of the mask as well as the high collar. Draw the long cape as well as outline the details of the costume.

Step 4
We are still working on the basic details. Now we’ll draw the “M” word on the Spawn’s body.

Step 5
It’s a simple step. The eyes are drawn to the mask and then erase any guidelines we missed from the next step.

Step 6
At this point, we have finished the head. We then move to the body. Sketch out those lines that represent the muscle in the neck. Remove those lines in”the “spine” and circle the lines of the body (if you didn’t do this in the previous steps).

The pectoral muscle should be drawn, and sketch the lines of abdominal muscles. Then draw chains and craniums in between the collarbones, as you observe in the illustration below.

Step 7
It’s time to draw the arms of our character. Make the muscles lines, Biceps, triceps, and deltoids. Read step 2 . of the article to find out where these areas of the arm are found. Then draw the areas of the gloves that are in the front of your arms. Draw fingertips along with the knuckles in the same way as in our example. Using the longitudinal lines, draw designs on the hands and forearms. Be sure not to remove the lines once you have completed these actions. This will make the drawing clearer.

Step 8
In this stage, you sketch the leg of Spawn. Take the outline off the Legs and then draw folds on the sides of the knees. Do not forget to draw lines for the muscles that are located in the regions of the thighs and shins. With a few curved strokes, draw lines on the shoes. Also, do not overlook the folds of the shoes in the vicinity at the bottom of the foot.

Step 9
Then we take the final step, and we remove the guidelines. We also circle the lines in order to make the lines smooth and clear as you can see in the image. You can add some folds to the left side of the cape.

It was a class that we gave you drawing Spawn which was developed by the team. We truly hope that this lesson has been helpful to you. If yes, make sure to share this with your friends and follow us on social media. for us via social media networks.


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