How to Draw Spaghetti Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Begin by drawing an oval that is horizontal. This will be the middle in the bowl. After that, extend a curving line downwards to the bowl from its oval. The line should be straight before it bends to with the other side. This creates one facet of the dish.

Step 2

Begin sketching your spaghetti. The first step is to draw an extended noodle by using two parallel curving lines. Connect the lines at one end with a shorter and curving piece. Next, extend groups of curves and overlap curves across the noodles until at the edges of your bowl.

Step 3

Create large strands spaghetti in the direction of the bowl. For each noodle you draw, make two curves that are parallel.

Step 4

Add texture to the spaghetti noodles that was described earlier in this step. Utilize pairs of curves as well as individual curves. Remove guide lines if necessary.

Step 5

Paint a bit more MSG over what’s already there. The first step is to outline the shape of the spaghetti with parallel lines to mark the massive noodles. Then, you can strip the gaps between the middle using curving lines to reveal how the pasta is made.

Step 6

Draw a fork that is positioned in spaghetti. For the handle, draw two lines that are parallel that are joined by a curving line at the end. Next, use the curved lines as well as “U” shaped lines to designate the prongs on the fork. The fork is hidden within the pasta. Remove guide lines if necessary.

Step 7

Put the spaghetti in your bowl. Add additional noodles by drawing two long and curving lines.

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