It’s no surprise that we are fans of our love for the Mortal Kombat universe. On 3dvkarts you will learn how to draw Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, and other characters from Mortal Kombat.

In today’s drawing lesson, we’ll teach the user the art of drawing Sonya Blade One of the most well-known and famous female characters from computer games. It is worth noting that Sonia was at the very beginning of the game Mortal Kombat. Today we’ll illustrate Sonya Blade from one of her best appearances, specifically when she was wearing the outfit of Mortal Kombat 3.

Step 1
As always, we begin by introducing an ogre. Although Sonia is a great wrestler, she has an extremely feminine body. So, all of the rules for drawing female bodies can be used. Check out our tutorial on drawing the female body almost everything that was mentioned in the beginning stage can be used in this tutorial.

Then sketch an outline of the head “skeleton” of Sonya Blade that is like an oval or upside-down egg. Continue to sketch out your body’s lines, including neck and shoulders, spine, legs, and arms. Continue to sketch out the lines of your body like neck and shoulders, spine legs, and arms.

Step 2
The second phase is identical to other drawing lessons for girls who have visited our website. Draw the outline in the direction from the head toward the feet, however, first, we’ll work on the head. Draw two perpendicular lines along the top of the head The vertical line is to indicate facial symmetry. The horizontal line is the one that connects the eyes.

Draw out the outline of the torso. This looks like an hourglass. Then draw the arms out using narrow and smooth cylindrical cylinders. Be aware that the arms must not be overly large and inflated. Draw out shoulders, elbows, as well as hands.

Step 3
This is a short, yet crucial step in the tutorial on drawing Sonya Blade. In this step, you must draw the strap of hair as well as the hair itself (here we only draw the top portion of hair, while the bottom hair that we draw later) as well as the major facial features. Utilizing the horizontal line drawn in the previous step, draw the eyes withdrawing two lines.

Below the eyes, sketch out the mouth and nose. Along the sides of the head, sketch on the ears. Also, in this step, draw the collar.

Step 4
We are now done with the facial characteristics that make up Sonya Blade. Create the almond-shaped eye and pupils within. Above the eyes , draw the slim and curly eyebrows. Below, we trace the nose made of simple lines.

Draw the mouth, which is easy to draw. Start by drawing the lines of the mouth and then draw a line for the upper lip and the lower lip, with a curved line. Then, at the end of this step, circle the outline of the face, as shown in our illustration, and draw lines for the hair (that must start from the root up to the ends).

Step 5
This part should be drawn with very gentle lines without putting pressure on your pencil (as we did in the beginning). Make a sketch of the bandages and gloves on the shoulders. afterward, smooth contours and a curved design on the shirt, and finally it’s your pattern for the socks and pants with folds. In addition, the same pattern can be seen on the pants of Jax.

Step 6
Draw the body of Sonya Blade Then, circle the shirt contours. draw a line around the chest, and draw the pattern on the fabric’s folds. The waist is circled and erase the strokes of the previous steps, and trace the contours of your abdomen. After that, erase the extra lines on the arms and mark them. Don’t forget to draw some lines of muscle on the arms.

Make the belt for Sonya The belt is made up of a single straight line as well as some circles. The pattern is drawn in the center of your pants. along with the laces and soles.

Step 7
Then we can find the light source and then add shadows. Light is emitted straight from the top so we’ll add shadows primarily in the lower regions that comprise the body of Sonya Blade.
It is important to note that we employ basic hatching in order to create shadows. Where the shadows are dense or darker than the surrounding area, apply an additional layer of hatching, or push a bit more hard onto the pen.

For this drawing lesson, we once again sketched the figure that is from Mortal Kombat, known from the very first game of the series, Sonya Blade. Keep following us, we’ll be doing a lot more difficult lessons!


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