How To Draw Sofia The First Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing guide below.

How to Draw Clover Bunny From Sofia the First

Step 1

Begin with the head guide Then outline the guidelines for facial features.

Step 2

Then sketch the contours of her face. You’ll then paint her adorable baby hair wavy bangs.

Step 3

Utilizing the facial guides, all you need to do is draw the initial lines of the eyes of your child. After that you can draw the mouth.

Step 4

Complete drawing the eye shape and then draw the eyelids and add the pupils. Add lashes and draw the eyebrows. Add her lips and nose too.

Step 5

Here’s a drawing of Sofia’s hairstyle. This is the usual hairstyle that you’d expect to observe in a princess young. The locks are curly and long on the shoulders. Create a yarn and then draw the wire portion on her head.

Step 6

Draw her beautiful crown of princess or tiaras like this, and then draw some lines of fineness.

Step 7

You’re almost done sketching Sofia First. First. What you need to do is draw the neck of Sofia, and then draw her arms, shoulders and sleeves.

Step 8

In the last drawing step, all you need to draw is her jewelry pieces: a pearl or beaded necklace with gems at the center, and another necklace with beads hanging low. Remove any mistakes and follow-up guidelines.

Step 9

Here’s how your final sketch will appear when you’re finished. You can now begin coloring Sofia. I hope that you enjoyed creating this adorable girl created by Disney.

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