Dear readers welcome to the drawing tutorial – how to draw Snowball the cat from the Simpsons Despite Lisa Simpson being from a very creative family and the Simpsons being extremely clever, their cats have always had the same name.

Step 1
We first draw our eyes in two ovals. Then, we draw vertical pupils inside the ovals.

Step 2
Draw out your cat’s oval nose and mouth, or a longer upper lip.

Step 3
Draw the lower lip that runs into the neck. Draw two sharp fangs and a whisker.

Step 4
Draw a line from the forehead to the ears, then go on to the sides of the head. Finally, draw the neck.

Step 5
Continue reading the lesson How to Draw Snowball From the Simpsons. Now we need to draw the collar.

Step 6
As in the example, draw your cat’s front paws as well as his rounded fingers.

Step 7
We need to draw two curve lines here – the upper is the back and the lower is the belly.

Step 8
The hind paws should be drawn the same way as the front paws. Only the hind paws may be slightly crooked.

Step 9
Two curved lines should be drawn on the Tail of the Snowball. The tip of the tail must be rounded.

This lesson was dedicated to Snowball, the cat from the Simpsons. For more information, see the drawing lesson How to Draw Santa’s, Little Helper.


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