How to Draw Snow White

This tutorial will teach you how to draw Snow White, the iconic Disney cartoon.

Snow White was so talented that she outshone her beautiful stepmother at seven years old. This story is well-known to you without our help!

The Brothers Grimm fairy tale tells how the stepmother ordered her hunter to kill her. But he was kind and let her go. She discovered the shelter of the seven dwarfs, which she was able to hide. The story has been adapted many times, but the image of Snow White remains almost unchanged.

We will be drawing a young, dark-haired Disney princess in our tutorial on how you draw Snow White. Let’s take a look at how simple this task is.


How to draw snow white

Step 1: Sketch the Head, Chest, and Pelvis

First, draw three equal-sized ovals and place them along an oblique. The head is in the upper oval, while the chest is in the lower. We will then position the pelvis with the help of the lower one.




Step 2: Sketch the Limbs

Long lines are used to draw the legs. The knees should be drawn in the middle of your legs. You should also draw the arms with simple lines. The left-arm should be slightly bent towards the top. The other should be bent at the elbow.




Step 3: Sketch the Facial Guidelines & Torso

Let’s draw the markings for the face Draw two lines that cross each other. Next, connect the chest and head to create the neck. Next, we’ll discuss the corset for the torso. We will also sketch the outline of the body. Next, draw the slim waistline and show the rounded shoulders.




Step 4 – Draw the arms of Snow White

Divide your hand into four shapes: a round shoulder, a cylindrical upper arm, and a forearm. Draw the hand as a polygon. Place the Snow White left hand horizontally below the head




Step 5: Sketch the Snow White Dress

Draw the dress. Start at the waistline and work your way up. Round out the edges, draw the hem, then trace the bottom line along the path of a semicircle. A beautiful gown is deserved by the young princess of the fictional Germanic Kingdom.




Step 6 – Draw Snow White’s Eyes

Sketch the eyebrows using dense lines. Draw around your eyes. To create a sense of innocence in the facial features, raise them higher. Reduce the pupil size to the bottom of your eye circles. Snow White was created using a live model. The look of the heroine should reflect human kindness and tenderness.




Step 7: Draw the Nose and Lips.

The beautiful, neatly shaped face of Snow White is completed with a line that marks the cheekbones and chin. In a subtle smile, spread your full lips. Place your nose below the eyes.




Step 8 – Make Snow White’s Hair

Snow White’s hairstyle is meticulously collected on her head. The bangs on the forehead are split into two halves. The head is surrounded by a bow. The volume around the head shows the beauty of the hairstyle. Our drawing is a little like Marilyn Monroe’s!




Step 9 – Draw your top of the dress

Let’s make the upper portion of the clothing. This will be the corset that wraps around the torso. Start at the collar and draw a line through the middle. Cover the back of your head with a large collar and form a semicircle.




Step 10 – Draw the sleeves of the dress

The sleeves should be drawn on the shoulders. These beautiful decorative circles wrap around the upper arm. Cut out the tear-shaped holes along the middle line, and then draw a transition to the arm at the bottom.




Step 11 – Detail the arms of Snow White

Continue to form the young arms for Snow White. Let’s draw the boundaries of the arms. Keep in mind that the one bent at the elbow will make her hand almost touch her face. Place the other hand on the hip and raise it slightly to the waist.




Step 12 – Draw Snow White’s Hands

The polygonal shape that served as a diagram of the left hand is slowly becoming a hand. Draw four fingers and bend the little finger. Then, draw a line starting at the thumb. Because the thumb is not visible on the side we are drawing, the right hand should be turned with the outer side towards us.




Step 13 – Draw the folds on the dress

To emphasize the curve of the princess’s body, draw long flowing lines. This will enable us to create a voluminous gown and give the dress movement.




Step 14 – Draw the Hem of the Dress

The line will be used to form the hem of your dress. It will join the ends of vertical lines in the paragraph before. You want to ensure that the lines are as smooth and fluid as possible.




Step 15 – Draw Snow White’s Shoes

The real princess should have impeccable shoes and style. Therefore, draw lines underneath the hemline of the gown. Shoes with a prominent heel should look similar to shoes with curving lines.




Step 16 – Remove the Construction Lines

You can now call your drawn lady Snow White. Grab an eraser to highlight the beauty of your silhouette. You can see how the dresses curve. You can also trace the whole Snow White drawing to make it cartoony.




Step 17 – Color Snow White’s Drawing

Use a pale yellow color to fill the dress. The corset should be painted blue. Next, decorate the droplets with red. Snow White is a brunette with a milky complexion and golden shoes. She also has a red bow on her head and a snow-white collar.




This lesson was about Snow White and we hope that you enjoyed it. What do you think of Snow White? It looks like a fairytale princess. In some Disney adaptations of Snow White, the language of birds is understood. The Oder, she just enjoys chatting with them. Which Snow White were you able to draw?

Let’s recall all Snow White’s appearances on the screen and in literature. Then, let us know in the comments which Snow White version you prefer.

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