how to draw snoopy

Today we’ll teach the readers what you can sketch Snoopy. It isn’t one of the toughest characters in the cartoons to draw in terms of drawing. This is perhaps one of the characters that are easiest to draw. But, it is a character that is popular and we didn’t even notice it.


Step 1

It is now time to draw our heads for this famous dog. This is the step where you must make only one mark. Start at the neck, proceed to the top of the nose then draw the crown. complete the process by drawing the ear’s contour.





Step 2

Smaller actions are now drawing the nose to look like an oval, the eye is a regular point, and there is a tiny area on the inside of the ear.





Step 3

One distinctive aspect of cartoon art is the large head paired with a smaller body. It is the proportions of these figures that must be observed in this illustration. Your body must be drawn as the same line. After the step, draw the collar, which appears to be an elongated line.





Step 4

We will continue our drawing instruction about drawing Snoopy. Hands and their positions often represent the hero’s posture and mood. In our instance, the hands hang easily. Let’s draw it.





Step 5

Continue the contours of the body until we reach the leg contours and the tail. The legs should be roughly identical in length. The legs’ contours shouldn’t be rounded.





Step 6

The contours continue to follow the legs within the paws. They must be greater than the length of the body. The paws must be separated into fingers by using straight, vertical lines.





Step 7

Let’s pick some of the most vibrant colors … then put them away. This isn’t an opportunity to learn a Butterfly or candy drawing class. This is a drawing lesson where we paint the nose of our protagonist in black.




Don’t forget to send a note to us about how you were able to draw Snoopy. If you are having difficulties We will assist you and pinpoint the exact moment you did something wrong.

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