Therefore, we continue drawing guides of famous individuals who are part of the culture of hip-hop. Today we’ll teach you the art of drawing Snoop Dogg. It’s a challenging drawing tutorial, just like the other tutorials in the category of “real-life. If you follow our instructions meticulously, you’ll be able to achieve excellent outcomes.

Step 1

Snoop Dogg in our class is in a pose that is stationary and it is simple to sketch his Skeletal structure (we refer to it as “the stickman”). So, we sketch the head in a shape of an oval. Next, we trace the spine line in which the pelvis and the chest are situated. Then we draw the legs and arms. Remember that the length of the physique of an average adult male is about equal to seven heads.


Step 2

In this stage, we draw outlines for facial characteristics. Following that, we sketch the neck form as a cylindrical shape. Draw the body, which is narrower from the shoulders towards the pelvis. In addition, add weight to the legs and arms by using simple shapes that are cylindrical.

Step 3

This is the perfect time to draw the fundamental elements. We will be using two intersecting lines on the face, using the aid of which we can sketch out the outline that the facial features. Then we sketch out the famous hip headband for hip hop. We lower our heads and draw the outline of traditional hip-hop clothing.

Step 4

Create the eyes as well as eyebrows that are slightly tilted towards the nose. Then, draw the lips and nose. Draw lines that are dark and clear beginning at this point. Make sure you draw the lines of the cheekbones, head, and jaw. Make the ears stand out and the slim hair.

Step 5

In this stage, we draw the final outline of the neck region. After that, we trace the contours of the collar and hood. There are numerous folds on the hood. Also, we can see some lines that are shaped to fit the muscles of your neck.

Step 6

It is a challenging step in which we sketch out the arms. Therefore, we first sketch the outline of the sleeves making sure to include all folds that are required. Next, we draw the hand. It is difficult to see the hand that is opposite, due to the angle. This is a great thing as it is very difficult to draw hands. In addition, take a look at the article on drawing palms and fists.

Step 7

In this step, we create a pair of shoes and pants. The pants should be wide. But they should also have an inclination towards the feet. Be aware of the folds that are visible on the pants’ fabric. They are situated on the bottom of your pants. It’s like smooth oblique as well as straight lines.

Step 8

Snoop Dogg’s drawing is close to being drawn however it’s not real. To increase the volume we can add shadows. Like previous lessons in this class, it is first necessary to determine the source of light. We then trace the shadows using the aid of dense hatching.

It was quite challenging. Wasn’t it? If your drawing didn’t appear as you had hoped it, then you must write about your experience in the comments. The next lesson will be simpler and easier to understand.

Remember that we’ve already developed a variety of lessons that show how to draw different characters. The main point is that all of these lessons are very identical to one another with the primary differences including the specifics of facial proportions, the appearance of people, and the clothing. The basic concepts remain the same and you are at ease to apply the skills acquired in this class to draw any character you want.

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