How to Draw Sneakers Step by Step || Shoe Drawing

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

The outline will be the first thing we draw of the shoes in this part of drawing sneakers tutorial. In this tutorial we’ll draw a shoe, but you’ll be equipped with the tools needed to draw another one at the close of the course.

The next step is to sketch the upper part of the shoe’s front. Start by drawing a circle to represent what’s on the outside of the shoe.

The two curves below form the front of the sole.

Then, we’ll make use of an unruly line that runs upwards at an angle towards at the top of the shoe. This line is going to be rough in this manner because it’s the edge of the lanyard when it’s finished.

After you’ve recreated the details You’re now all set for the next stage!

Step 2. Draw the remainder of the outline for the sneakers.
In the next part of drawing your sneakers we’ll finish the silhouette of the sneakers, so that you can begin adding specifics.

Then using the image as a guideline then draw an elongated line of lace starting from the top of the shoes to the bottom and then down.

And then, add some gentle curves to finish the large sole of the sneaker.

In the end, you’ll be able to shape the top and back of the shoes, as illustrated in the image reference. Next, move to step 3.

Step 3. Then draw some laces to the sneakers.
This step of our draw sneakers tutorial could appear somewhat complex, but it’s really not too difficult!

The ropes will be drawn during this segment, which may appear a bit difficult because of the way that the ropes are crossed.

Just draw a few curly lines to make ties. Each will be finished with the form of a slightly rounded line to mark the holes they will go into.

Make sure you be sure to reference the image when drawing, as it will aid you when you put the lanyards in the right place.

Step 4. Add some details to the sneakers.
We’ll add certain details to the drawing of your sneakers in this next step. In order to do that, you’ll sketch curves starting from the upper part of the shoe towards the bottom.

These lines will also surround the holes through which the lanyard is inserted and out. Additionally, there will be little lines of detail on the upper of the shoe.

Once these lines have been added after which you’ll be able include the final details in the next stage of the tutorial, so go forward!

Step 5: Now, you are able to sketch the final details
In the fifth and final part of our guide on drawing sneakers, we’ll include some additional details to complete the sketch.

We’ll show you a handful of the ornamental elements we’ve picked and you’re also able to make your own!

Then, we attach an oval with a star in it to one side as the initial decoration. We then added tiny rectangles and circles all over the shoe and additional line details.

This is how we went about it However, you could also include additional details and aspects that you think are yours!

You could also draw the background or use the ideas you’ve learned in the tutorial above and sketch another identical pair of sneakers beside it. What suggestions do you have to draw this picture prior to coloring the next step?

Step 6 – Finish your sneaker design using colors
Relax and have some coloring as you complete this drawing! It is possible to add colour to your masterpiece.

We chose to use blue, orange and gray to create the illustration however this is only an example of what colors you can use in this picture!

It is best to let your imagination and imagination play with this illustration to life. It is possible to create vibrant and striking, or create a subtle, soft, or mix both!

Once you’ve decided on the colors you’d like to work with It’s your responsibility to decide which medium you’ll employ to bring them to life.

You can make use of things such as crayons or acrylic paints to create an energizing look or you can use the crayons and watercolors to make something that is more muted.

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