How To Draw Smaug from the Hobbit Step by Step

The easy step-by step drawing guide below.

How to Draw a Hydra Dragon Step by Step

Step 1

Begin by drawing the head of the dragon. Water drop dragon eyeliner. Make a circle with a shade to create the pupil. outline the eye using the curved lines. Make a series of interconnected curly lines to trace the eye’s contour and at the top. The lines must join at sharp points.

Step 2

Draw the nose by drawing the curved line, and then shade the shape of a teardrop to mark the nostril. Draw the mouth that is open by using “Y” shaped curves. Next, draw an array of curly lines that join at rounded points to create the shape that the jaw lower. Draw curved lines on points on the sides of the mouth.

Step 3

Create “U” shaped lines to draw the teeth within the mouth open. Next, use a series connected curves to begin outlining the smoke that is coming out of the jaws that are majestic.

Step 4

Continue drawing flames or smoke out of the dragon’s mouth using curved lines that join at sharp places. Make use of jagged edges and curves to form an amorphous design like that of the first picture.

Step 5

Draw the shoulders and neck. Begin by drawing the spikes at the face using curving lines that intersect at the points. Draw curved lines that are overlapping to create an elongated neck. Incorporate another curve to begin the shoulders.

Step 6

Draw a curved line in order to show the shoulder blades that remain and then trace the wings of the dragon. Expand two lines of curved lines to the shoulder blades. Draw a huge “U” shaped line to make the sail. Draw long, curved lines across each length wings. Connect each line to the line that is next to it or the wing’s side with a straight line. Lastly, outline the rest of the wing using an angled line that runs through the neck’s back.

Step 7

Draw the arm of Smaug. Make use of curves that overlap. Watch how your fingers touch the point of the claw.

Step 8

Draw the dragon’s back legs as well as its tail. Make a series of curves which meet at sharp points. Draw lines along the middle of the tail to mark the spikes.

Step 9

Draw the treasure Smaug is protecting. The mounds should be drawn using curves. You can then use short curves as well as small ovals to add appearance.

Step 10

Colour Your Smaug cartoon. The character is usually depicted in red.

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