Welcome to 3dvkarts. We’re pleased to bring you a simple drawing lesson on drawing skis step-by-step. It is really simple.

Step 1 Begin by drawing the long, slightly curving line like the example.

Step 2 Draw another following the previous one, connecting them, as shown in the illustration below.

Step 3 The ski is done. After that, draw another ski using the same guidelines as the first and the second steps.

Step 4 It’s a simple part of the instruction on drawing skis. Draw boot mounts to match the boots, like in our illustration.

Step 5 The final step. Remove all guidelines that are not needed and then add some additional details on the mountings.

The tutorial is done. Are you convinced that we have created amazing tutorials? We would like to believe so, as we’re hard at work on every drawing. Maybe you believe that our tutorials on the drawing are not good enough. We would love to hear your feedback. please leave them in the comments section below or post them on our pages on social media.


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