In this drawing tutorial, we will teach how to draw basic eyes. It is often discussed how crucial the basics lessons are. In this regard, drawing with eyes is one of them in particular. It is a fact that the eyes of a particular person convey the tone of the drawing.

Step 1

Before you begin, choose the position of the drawing. If you’re drawing eyes as the primary object, you can draw them on an entire page of the paper. In this instance draw two crossed lines along the center, as shown in the image below. Be aware of the area of crossover. It’s not the entire vertical line, but it’s around the third lowest.


Step 2

Two curved lines should meet in a tiny area. The base horizontal line. Be sure to keep the symmetry intact and draw smooth, neat lines.

Step 3

Now complete the drawing of the eyes’ contours and draw the border below. Make use of the horizontal baseline as a reference. Pay attention to the position of the line’s intersection with the lower border of this line with the lower border of the eyes.

Step 4

Draw pupils. In the example of our drawing, the eyes look directly at us. However in order to change the angle of the gaze from the sides, then you must alter the position of both pupils and then move in the proper direction. Following that, you’ll need to remove all lines of auxiliary lines, and then clean the drawing.

Step 5

Include the contours of the eyelids. Make sure to use smooth lines. Be careful not to press the pencil too much or you’ll create the appearance of dark circles surrounding the eyes. Make sure you watch our video lesson on how to draw the structure of eyes to understand what we’re drawing.

Step 6

Therefore you should be able to see the approximate results. If you notice several differences, look for the areas in which you made a mistake and rectify the mistakes.

We hope you get great results. Consider drawing a variety of characters with various facial characteristics. Make use of this technique to work with the eyes of all of them. As time passes, you’ll draw amazing cool portraits.

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