This drawing guide will show you how to draw Simba. He is one of the most iconic Disney characters. He was first seen in 1994.

Step 1

First, draw the outline of our character using a few circles. There is a large circle at the center and two smaller circles above and below. These circles are crucial for any further drawing.




Step 2

This step will show you how to draw a small, frowning eye as well as a large, round nose. Pay close attention to where these facial features are located and how far apart they are.




Step 3

Many will remember the strong, powerful, and determined chin of this lion. Let’s draw these facial characteristics. We will also draw some horizontal lines that outline the mustache.




Step 4

Simba’s mane is very lush and splits into two long strands. Let’s now sketch the rough outline of this mane. As you can see, the strand closest is bigger and more visible.




Step 5

In this step, we draw the outline of our character’s hair. The round figure created in the first step is almost entirely covered by large strands.




Step 6

Let’s begin to draw the strong front legs of our character. These feet are wide at the top, tapering towards the middle. We also see a small extension in the distal portion. It looks almost like an hourglass.




Step 7

This step will show the outline of the large fingers. Each foot has four toes that appear like semicircles. The distal legs should be wider and longer than the proximal ones.




Step 8

Let’s connect two rounded body shapes with one smooth line. The second line is shorter and complements the first. These two lines make up the tail.




Step 9

This step will draw the outline of Simba’s hind legs. Smooth curves form obtuse corners. The legs of lower legs are slightly shorter than those of the upper ones.




Step 10

Now it is time to finish the final touches on our lion’s appearance. This step will include the large toes on the hind legs as well as a small, but a still fluffy tip to the tail.




Step 11

You can always see the next step. This was designed so you can correct any errors or mistakes. You can delete any extra lines if you don’t find any errors and move on to the final step.




Step 12

Simba’s traditional colors are yellow, brown, and light beige. Let’s create a familiar look for our beloved character by using these colors.



This was how to draw Simba. This was hopefully a clear tutorial. You can reach us via the comments or on our social media networks if you have any questions. Your comments will be taken into consideration when we create new articles.




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