How To Draw Simba And Nala || Lion King Drawing

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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Step 1

Drawing two cubs of lions will double the amount of work. Begin by drawing circles around the head. Next, add shapes to the body. Next, draw the legs.

Step 2

Begin by drawing the shapes of your heads, starting at the jawline and cheeks. This will be repeated for Simba’s head and Nala’s ears.

Step 3

As you can see, the tops of their heads will be drawn as shown here. This also includes the ears. Next, draw the eyebrows, nose, and muzzle. Next, draw the eye shape using the facial guides. Then draw the shoulders and the front legs.

Step 4

As you can see, draw the chest, the legs of the front, and the back of their bodies. You can add details to their mouth and whiskers. The beard can be drawn, then you can add details to the ears and the tip of your nose.

Step 5

Next, draw the front and back paws. Then, draw some back legs. Next, draw the tails and erase all rules.

Step 6

This is how your finished drawing will look. See how cute Simba and Nala look together. You’re done! Bravo, guys!


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