Hello! We continue with the theme of drawing comic book heroes in the magazine “Watchmen”. Today, we illustrate Silk Spectre.

Step 1
Let’s sketch the silhouette of the female. We made an obvious distinction in the shoulder width and the length that the pelvis. Females are the only females with this particularity.

Step 2
We need to bring some of the volumes of Silk Spectre. The most important thing is that the female torso has an hourglass shape. The resemblance to the hourglass is due to the expansion of the pelvis and breasts as well as an abrupt narrowing of the waist region.

Arms appear to be cylindrical cylinders that are rounded. You can clearly see that the cylindrical cylinders are able to be separated into three distinct parts that are the shoulder, which includes the upper arm hand, forearm, and forearm between the upper and lower.

The hips of Silk Spectre ought to be considerably larger in comparison to her shoulders. When you draw your legs, notice the thickening of the hip area, and the curve in the muscles of the calves, and feet.

Step 3
Let’s draw the outline of hairstyles and clothing. I have to say that the look that Silk Spectre has Silk Spectre is very stereotypic. There are a lot of women from video games and comics that have the exact look and similar costumes ( Catwoman from DC, Psylocke from Marvel, Princess Kitana from Mortal Kombat and many more).

Step 4
We’re waiting for an easy step. Draw the eyes, nose, and lips. Then, you have to remove unnecessary lines of direction from the face and hairdressers.

Step 5
Let’s draw the top part which is the human body. It is like an upside-down heart. Do not forget to make a collar or belt.

Step 6
In this stage, we’ll draw the arms in greater detail.

Step 7
Draw the specifics of the pelvic region as well as the legs.

Step 8
This tutorial, in which we explained what to draw Silk Spectre is practically gone. In this final step, we’ll shade the hair. If you want, you can create a shadow over the ground. This can make the final result look more real.

We hope you enjoy our illustration tutorial. Do make sure to come back to our site regularly for new drawing classes. In the days ahead, we will publish stories on comic book heroes. We hope to see us very soon!

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