Welcome, artists! to another drawing class about clothes. A while ago, we created a range of winter clothing (a knit hat, jacket, and gloves) today we decided to switch to summer clothing and created instructions on drawing shorts.

Step 1
In the initial steps, we’ll use thin lines. So, we draw an outline and then move on to the following step.

Step 2
With the aid of very simple and lightweight lines, we are able to break the legs.

Step 3
Then, using straight lines, draw out the outline that the briefs will have. Draw an arrow and a fly. Take out all guidelines that are not needed.

Step 4
Then draw those belt loops as well as seams, as well as make some folds like in the picture below.

Step 5
By using dense hatching, we can add shadows (this makes our shorts drawing larger).

Today, we taught you the art of drawing shorts as a second lesson in our category “Comics” on the website 3dvkarts. Give it a second and then click the social media buttons that are on our site to share this and other lessons with your acquaintances.

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