How to draw shoes

This tutorial shows how to draw a shoe. It will show you how to draw a shoe in six steps and it will show you how to color it.
I like to draw shoes. I like to draw them on paper, in the sand, and in the air. I like to draw them when I am happy, when I am sad, when I am bored, and even when I am nervous. I like to draw them because they make me happy. I like to draw them because they are fun to do. I like to draw them because I like to draw.

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Today we are going to make a drawing of a pair of shoes. Shoes are something that everyone wears every day. They protect your feet from the ground and they are very important to us. Shoes are more than just something to protect your feet. They are also a fashion trend. They are something that you wear to show how you want to look.

Let’s learn how to draw shoes! This shoe drawing tutorial is so much fun because kids can customize the shoes with different patterns and colors to look just how they want them to.

As with our other free how-to-draw tutorials, this shoe drawing tutorial includes three pages that you can print and give to your little ones so they can use them as a visual guide.

How to Draw A Shoe Steps

  • Shoes have two parts: the upper and the sole. The upper is the part that covers your toes, the sides of your feet, and the top of your feet. The sole is the part that you stand on that has the rubber or material on it.
  • We will draw a shoe in this guide. A shoe has a flat base. First draw a line that is horizontal. Next curve the line up. Curve the line more sharply at the end and then curve it down at the back.
  • For this part, we will be drawing the outline of the shoe. First, draw a line from the back of the base of the shoe, curving up and then down. Next, draw a line from the front of the base of the shoe, curving up and then down. Then, draw a line from the end of the first line to the end of the second line.
  • You can make the shoe look more realistic by adding the laces. First, draw in the laces with some curved lines. Then, make the metal part of the shoe with some circles. Finally, add some straighter lines around the laces to finish them off.
  • For this step, you should color your shoe with all of your favorite colors. The picture shows one way you could color it in, but the possibilities are endless. You could make your shoe look like your favorite shoe brand, you could make it look like your own shoe in real life, or you could let your inner fashion designer out as you create your own design.
  • This image would also be fun to use some beautiful different art mediums on. You could use paints and colored pens or pencils, but you could also incorporate some fun crafts such as beads or stickers onto it as well. I’m sure that whatever you choose, it’s going to look amazing.

Some Shoes Drawing Picture


The foot is in a tip toe position. The toes are parallel to the floor. The top of the foot is perpendicular to the floor. The band on the shoe is a great detail because it shows you where the angles of the foot change.

You can see how the band bunches up in the middle as the foot rises up from the toes. Pay attention to the structure of the shoe that is drawn in this example. You can see the shoe going around behind the foot and the parts of shoe’s heel that are hidden from us. Another important detail is the shading of the heel under the foot.

To draw realistic shoes you need to know the shape of a foot. If you are a beginner artist and want to practice drawing shoes, you should draw the outline of a foot.

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