Many of our readers want us to develop drawing instructions for the characters from comic books and, in the list of requests, Shocker comes first. So we have decided to make a tutorial on drawing Shocker using Marvel comics.

Step 1
We’ll start with the skull of our antagonist. First, we sketch the head in the shape of an oval. We then draw an outline of the spine beneath the head. Along this line, we sketch out the outline of the pelvis and chest. With the aid of simple lines, sketch out the legs and arms.

Step 2
Let’s now add some muscles and flesh to the body of Shocker. First, we’ll draw the two lines of his head. Then, draw the outline of the torso and the triangular pelvis. By using simple geometric forms, we sketch the arms and wide-spaced legs.

Step 3
We can now begin to add some basic details. Begin by sketching out eye lines and the mask that is on the head. Then draw the lines of the costume on the torso as well as the belt. For the hands we sketch the outline of the fingers as well as on the wrists, we draw the “shockers” on the wrists. After the procedure, we sketch the outline of the shoes that are on the legs.

Step 4
In the previous steps, we employed very light lines because these were steps to prepare. In this next step, we’ll use darker lines. By drawing these lines, we can draw the torso, head as well as arms taking into consideration the outline of the muscles beneath the clothing. Then remove all unnecessary lines from the upper portion and lower body.

Step 5
We can do the exact procedure for the lower section which is the lower part of Shocker. So, draw the outline of the shorts and belt. Then draw the legs, considering all muscles as illustrated in the illustration. After the process, you draw your shoes and eliminate any unneeded lines that are in the lower portion of the body.

Step 6
What is it that makes the costume of Shocker so memorable? Of course, it’s interspersed lines across the costume. In this section, we’ll be working on drawing these lines. When drawing them, think about the curves of your body underneath the clothing so that your drawing doesn’t appear flat.

Step 7
In the final step, we typically include shadows. In this case, as you observe, these shadows have been drawn using the technique of classic comics. That is, they are huge and distinct zones of shadows. To draw shadows in the style of our illustration, first, sketch the outline of the shadows, and then paint them in black.

Today we have shown the viewers the art of drawing Shocker from the Marvel Universe. It is among the most famous and well-known Comic book characters based on Spider-Man. Remember that under the section “Comics” on 3dvkarts, there are tutorials on the different characters of Marvel as well as DC. If you didn’t find the character you like best Write us about it.

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