How to Draw Shenron From Dragon Ball Z

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Begin with drawing your head’s guide. Then draw guides for the legs and arms. Draw out the facial guidelines, and then the body guide.

Step 2

Then, you can utilize The head guide to sketch out the head’s structure and facial shape.

Step 3

This is where you draw on the bottom, which means so. The mouth is screaming.

Step 4

Utilize the guide to draw the forms of the eyes. Then, draw take all proportions and angles of your face. This adds an element of texture to the face of Shenron. We’ll also fill her mouth with sharp, small teeth.

Step 5

Like many Asian dragon designs hairstyles, you’ll draw hair on the sides of its face and behind the jawline, and then draw horns or antlers over the head.

Step 6

The face and head of Shenron are drawn, so now it’s time to finish on the body. Draw the neck and snake for as far as you can see.

Step 7

Finish the lining of the body’s inside. By adding scales to the dragon’s belly will lead directly to the head, like you can see.

Step 8

Fill in the gaps along the sides using muscular arm and clawed fingers. Make sure to include any details when you need to.

Step 9

Complete drawing the body of Shenron and draw the spikes that are on the side of the body that slope down. Make sure to erase your mistakes and your concepts as you create the scales.

Step 10

As I mentioned draw all the scales on the body , and then draw small spikes along the remainder of the back, or Shenron’s back.

Step 11

You’re done. Now , you can add hue to this Dragon from Dragon Ball Z. Shenron is a great model to create Isn’t it?

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