It’s quite amazing that we began sketching rare Marvel characters, but we didn’t think of some of the most famous and well-known characters. As you can see, we made a decision to remedy this problem. We created a brand new drawing lesson on drawing She-Hulk.

It’s going to be an exciting and challenging lesson since we’ll have to draw women with athletic bodies. We’ve already talked about drawing women. However, we previously sketched only beautiful and tiny women.

Step 1
We will first draw the stickman. As you will see, we’ve got an average female stickman. In the next step, we will draw the various features of the athletic character of She-Hulk. We will then follow the same steps as the initial step of the illustration tutorial.

Step 2
In this stage, we draw the character that our hero. There are some issues to be aware of. It is true that you have to use very strong hands and strong legs. However, the body of the Woman Hulk should have elegant and smooth curves. A slim and elegant waist is situated between the large shoulders and the very broad hips. You can also see the smooth constriction that is drawn between the thigh/shin and the shoulder/forearm.

Be sure to draw a neck that is thin enough to be high enough. When you have a shorter neck, you will look like an orc and not an athletic woman.

Step 3
It’s time to sketch the face characteristics of She-Hulk. Draw eyes with almond shapes. Above the eyes, draw the slim and curly eyebrows. Below, we draw the nose, which is made up of simple lines.

Then draw the mouth that is easy to draw. The first step is to draw the lines of the mouth Then draw the lines that run along the top lip and lower lip using the curved line.

Step 4
In this stage, we’ll draw hair. There is a variety of She-Hulk’s hairstyles. We decided to pick the classic version.

Step 5
Let’s now move to the body. With clear, smooth lines, we draw the clavicles, breasts, the contours of the chest, and the ribs. Make sure to draw the abdomens musculus rectus. Additionally, take care to draw the entire specifics of your clothing and erase any guidelines that are not necessary from the torso.

Step 6
It’s time to exercise the arms. The first step is to draw the deltoid muscles. Then, below them, draw the triceps, biceps, and the muscles of the forearms. If you aren’t sure where these muscles are it is recommended to look up an article on drawing Punisher (step 2.)

Do not forget to go through this article prior to starting work with your fists.

Step 7
The legs will be drawn at this point. Utilizing straight and clear lines, sketch out the outline of the muscles on the legs as well as the outline of knee joints.

Be very cautious in drawing the lines of muscles. If you draw just a tiny bit of these muscles, your legs will appear as if they are big. If you draw many lines, your drawing will appear unreal.

Step 8

Therefore, it’s a last and we must draw shadows. Shadows can add some dimension to the drawing and makes the drawing more comprehensive. The first step is to draw shadow contours. Then, we paint the shadows black. When drawing lighter shadows make use of thick hatching.

Then we completed a drawing tutorial on drawing She-Hulk. If this drawing lesson is really useful to you, make sure to follow our social media channels and share this post with your fellow fans.

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