In this drawing course, the team at will teach how to draw what to draw Shazamfrom DS comics step-by-step. Actually, the character is also known under the name “Captain Marvel”, but because our website already offers an illustration lesson that has this title, we decided to go with the name Shazam in this particular drawing tutorial.


Step 1

This drawing guide is by drawing the stickman (the body of a character drawn using basic lines). First, sketch the head as if it were made of an egg that has been flattened. Then you will draw the line that is the spine. The line that we draw on this is the pelvis and thorax. As you can observe, the thorax, as well as the pelvis, look like regular round shapes. Simple lines create the legs and arms. Remember that all lines must be drawn with thin lines.

Step 2

We will now add dimension to Shazam. The first step is to draw two intersecting lines of facial symmetry. Draw a line between the neck and the body. Be aware that the body should be slightly narrower than the pelvis. Then we draw huge, strong arms using simple geometric figures. We then lower a little and draw the legs and pelvis.

Step 3

In this stage, we have to sketch out some of the elements of facial and clothing features. In the beginning, we draw a triangle just behind your left shoulder. Then, you draw the cape which hangs behind the back, hanging from the knee. Then sketch the outline of the shoes and gloves.

Step 4

In this stage, we’ll sketch the face as it appears in the final version. Make the ears. The upper part of your ear is aligned with the eyebrows. The lower edge is in line with the nose’s tip. Draw the lines of hair that are short. Remove the guidelines and then circle the lines until they appear sleek and clean.

Step 5

We continue our drawing tutorial where we demonstrate the drawing process of Shazam in DC. Draw out the lines of your body the pectoral muscles, abdominals, and pectoral muscles. In the middle of the chest, draw the Shazam logo. Make sure to draw a buckle at the top of your collar.

Step 6

Draw the cape in pencil, like in our illustration. Next, you’ll need to trace Shazam’s arms. As a tradition, we circle the arms’ outlines while drawing the muscles as well as the folds in clothing. Furthermore, we must draw cross-strips across the bracers.

Step 7

It’s time to get started with the lower half in the physique of our super-hero. The first step is to draw the belt’s width and the cloth piece that is placed in the back. Then, we draw the leg outlines considering all joints and muscles as illustrated in the example. Then, draw the contours of the high boots. Make sure to fold them in the proper way and remove all unneeded guidelines from our Shazam.

Step 8

In the final stages of drawing lessons devoted to comics, we always include shadows. This lesson on drawing Shazam is no different. In this instance, we will incorporate the shadows of comic style. This means that it’s sharp and contrasting. You can however create shadows that are more vivid and darker. This will make your drawing more similar to comics’ images of the early 20th century.

The lesson on drawing Shazam (or Captain Marvel) was quite difficult, as were the other lessons we’ve taught on supervillains and superheroes. We are working to make characters that are as similar as are on the comic book pages and we are hoping that after following our instructional videos, you will be able to become authentic comic artists. It is true that we always enjoyed comics and we’ve always wished to draw the same way as John Romita Sr or Jack Kirby. We learned on our own, learning the process of drawing comics, and slowly developing our capabilities. We are so happy to impart our knowledge to those who are looking, just like us to tell stories using images. Don’t forget to sign up to us on our social media (for instance, Google Plus, Facebook, and Pinterest) to keep up to date with the latest drawing lessons offered from

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