Based on that title, the class will focus on drawing Shaun the sheep – the head of a herd consisting of shearers. Furthermore, Shaun, The sheep serves as the principal character in the cartoon with the same name. It is loved and adored by the artists we work with. In the original, Shaun is a well-known plasticine character that is difficult to draw, however, we have divided Shaun into a couple of easy steps to ensure the most simple drawing process.

Step 1
Create the outline of your head as well as your torso using two simple geometric shapes.

Step 2
With the aid of simple geometric shapes sketch the legs and arms of Shaun the sheep.

Step 3
Include in the drawing important details such as hair cap eyes or ears, mouth, and a curly tail.

Step 4
Take away any unnecessary guidelines and draw curly hair lines and then draw the sketch with straight lines.

Step 5
The character of Shawn is done and all we have to do is add some shadows to create Shaun’s body Shaun the sheep appear more substantial.

The lesson on drawing Shaun The sheep is over. However, our team isn’t stopping and, in the near future, we will be preparing additional unique and interesting drawing lessons.

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