Today, we’ll demonstrate the drawing process of a Director for the Springfield elementary school, and the present regime that he is constantly trying to manage. Let’s begin the course on drawing Seymour Skinner.

Step 1
In the beginning, we draw the oval-shaped eyes (which differ from the eyes that are round in most others) and the pointed nose.

Step 2
Below and above the eyes draw wrinkles using slightly curly lines. Inside the eyes, we draw dots of pupils.

Step 3
A pretty significant step that allows us to make an ear, a long hairstyle, and an ear that is large.

Step 4
Another significant step Here we draw an unflinching smile and neck.

Step 5
Here we sketch out the outline of the sleeves and shoulders from Seymour Skinner.

Step 6
Take the hands out. One is lying on the chest while the other hand is locked inside the fist to the pelvic region.

Step 7
Draw the specifics of the body. The first step is to draw your collars on the jacket and shirt. Next, draw a tie as well as the outline of the jacket.

Step 8
An easy enough process in which we take off one’s pant legs of the Director.

Step 9
Then in the last part of the course on drawing Seymour Skinner, we draw Seymour Skinner’s sharp footwear.

We created almost all the characters that were significant in the Simpsons. There are however a few fascinating characters who appear frequently and have had an enormous impact on the entire series. We’ll draw these characters in the next lesson from the stories about the Simpsons.


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