How to draw sea animals Step by Step || Ocean Drawing

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to Draw A Centaur Step by Step

Step 1

In this tutorial for cartoons on oceans we’ll draw this ocean scene within the frame.

To draw the frame, we’ll draw some lines, usually using an ruler for the top portion. The two corners at the bottom will be roundedsince this will highlight the sand stretching outwards from the frame.

Then , we’ll end with drawing our first sea creature. You may draw some anemones, corals, and anemones prior to when you move to the next step!

Step 2: Next you will draw more corals
Coral reefs can be a gorgeous, vivid view to take in on the ocean. we’ll include additional details to this section of your ocean cartoon.

They are drawn with thincurvilinear shapes, in order to let it move through the water.

As you can see in the image of reference There will be branches growing out of the coral in order to make it appear like a tiny tree. This is all for now, and then we’ll proceed towards the next stage!

Step 3: Now draw several corals as well as other things to be used on the seabed
Following this theme and bringing more corals as well as other marine creatures down to the sea’s bottom.

The second coral will appear exactly like the first tree that you draw and will be surrounded by different designs representing plants and animals.

Then, we’ll draw the bumpy line between the elements to highlight the sand that is between each of them. The lines will expand into the rounded corners you sketched in the initial step.

Step 4 – Next, draw some smaller details
The fourth and final step of this tutorial on cartoon oceans will allow you to add smaller animals and objects on the ocean floor.

They will be extremely varied and will contain things like stars, seashells as well as smaller shapes.

If you come up with any other things to add, then you should definitely include any ideas you can think of!

Step 5: Now you can draw some bubbles
It’s going to be a simple step for your ocean-themed cartoon step! In this step, we’ll include some bubbles in the seawater above the seabed.

They’ll be drawn in simple circles. As you can see in the reference image, they don’t need necessarily be perfectly round. You may also draw circles with more or fewer according to your preferences!

Step 6 : Add additional sea animals and plants
The next step is to add other amazing creatures to the design! The first step is to draw an adorable squid pattern on the left.

Then we place a huge floating fish to the right part on the right side of the photo.

We’ll include additional creatures as well as more information in the next section of the tutorial, however you can add additional creatures to complete this stage!

Step 7 – Then to finalize the last elements in this ocean cartoon
This part of our ocean-themed tutorial includes a few more information! In particular, we’ll add some sea animals in the process.

We begin by drawing an oval jellyfish with tiny spots. We will then introduce another one to the picture.

After these have been completed, you are able to include your own!

There are many aquatic animals as well as plants we do not use If you do have your own favorites, add them to the list of extras prior to moving onto the next step.

Step 8: Now you can finish it off with some color
It’s time to finish this stunning painting with some vibrant colors! The ocean is full of stunning colors and textures therefore there’s plenty you can create to make it look amazing.

In our image of reference we have tried to incorporate many amazing bright colors. You can take this image as an inspiration for your own pictures.

You can also pick any colors that you may like! This is your turn to be the sole decision maker and can enjoy lots of fun by playing around with various shades.

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