How To Draw Scyther from Pokemon

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw Rockruff from Pokemon

Step 1

Start with the easiest first, and draw the shape and the instructions for your new Pokemon character design.

Step 2

Then, draw the mouth and the muzzle of Scyther’s face. Then, draw wrinkles on the muzzle, and draw the appearance of eyes. Additionally, draw spikes to create the shape of the head.

Step 3

Then, you can complete your facial expression by drawing front teeth, the remainder of the lining of your mouth, and finally the eyes and nostrils.

Step 4

The fun starts today. Create the form of this Pokemon monster. Once you’re done , you can draw the blade and arm for the hand, or the remainder of the arm’s design. Include detail and definition the blades and arms.

Step 5

Draw the rest of the body which is now looking like the stomach of the wasp. Include a flare on the rear to look like wings of a wasp.

Step 6

Okay, guys, the last drawing step. Draw the legs as well as in the center of your legs, and then the feet that are wide. Make sure to include the claws on the toes. Then you must erase any mistakes and follow the instructions.

Step 7

That’s it. Line art is what it’s all about. Color this cool Pokemon before showing off your artwork.

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